Aquino gang hijacked P10.6-B senior citizens’ funds

Veteran writer Rigoberto D. Tiglao recently published an opinion article in the web version of the Manila Times, hitting at former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III regarding his health policies.
Former President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo from GMA Network

In the article, Tiglao said Aquino violated budget laws during his term as president when he allocated P10.6 billion worth of funds from the senior citizens’ insurance premiums to other health department projects.

Tiglao alleges that Aquino, along with former budget secretary Florencio Abad, and former health secretary Janette Garin, are the masterminds behind the reallocation.

According to the law, the insurance premiums of the Philippine’s 7 million senior citizens should come from the excess provided by the sin tax law.

Republic Act 10351 of 2012, or the Sin Tax Law increased the levies on liquor and tobacco and in effect, made the 80% of the proceeds go to the National Health Insurance Program. This was further strengthened by the Republic Act of 10645 of 2014 that required all senior citizens to be covered by Philhealth’s insurance. This insurance will be sourced from the excess of the proceeds from the sin tax law.

However, according to Tiglao and his sources, in the year that the sin tax law was implemented, the budget department together with Congress computed P10.6 billion from the sin tax law that Aquino vetoed.

When Aquino vetoed this, he also classified that the senior citizen’s health premiums will instead be taked from the national budget’s “Unprogrammed Fund” that is intended to budget unforseen developments that require bigger funding.

Tiglao says that this move from Aquino is a blatant disregard to the sin tax law, and questioned where then did the P10.6 billion from the sin tax law go.

According to the Aquino administration, the money was used to fund the construction of over 4,000 TSeKap health stations all over the country, the securing of equipment for barangay health stations, and infrastructure upgrading and equipment provision for rural health units.

Tiglao claims that there are no official reports of the money used for those purposes. There are also no reports pertaining to whether Philheath really did receive the P10.6 billion or not.

The article was concluded by stating how evident in this incident back when Aquino was still president, along with the issue of the Dengvaxia vaccine, Aquino clearly has no regard for Filipino lives.

Source: Manila Times
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