Staunch Duterte supporter: We cannot allow these yellow bastards to ruin our lives again

Caloy Bueno, a hardcore supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, has made the internet again defending the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, claiming that the corruption that happened during the martial law era is not that bad and was at a minimum.
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Bueno began comparing the corruption that happened during martial law and during the administration of former president Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

Corruption during Marcos and Aquino

The Duterte supporter said that the those who were corrupt during the administration of Marcos did it minimally because they were afraid of getting caught. He also said that the corruption occurred during that time were only mostly red taping, getting what he calls "sweetheart deals".

He then continues on to say that when Cory Aquino took over after the fall of Marcos, she "bloated the bureaucracy" and that she offered favours to her allies and friends in order to get ahead.

Corruption hits all time high

Bueno did not stop there, he then continued on to say that when Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III became president, corruption hit its all time high. Saying that the external debt of the country doubled and that he released false promises of developing the country that never happened.

He said that the Liberal Party, of which the Aquinos are part of, have been stealing from the people and are attempting to steal again by running for positions in governance once again.

Bueno also posted a call to action for the people, saying that the Aquinos cannot be trusted and that they should not be awarded positions in power again, fearing that they might steal from the people once more.

Read his full Facebook post here:

"During the Marcos era, corruption in the bureaucracy was minimal, because most ordinary bureaucrats were simply afraid of being caught. Cronies got "sweetheart deals" on government loans and projects, or had private enterprises facilitated through red tape -- but that was mostly it. Before the Marcos regime, bureaucratic corruption was also not so much a problem as greedy high-profile politicians using pork barrel appropriations for their own ends. But when Cory Aquino took over and subsequently bloated the bureaucracy, everybody (a.k.a. "We Bulong") wanted to be "in on the ground floor" and using connections and favors to filch public funds "under the radar" and effectively camouflaged by democratic rhetorics that made people feel good -- all the while that they were being robbed blind...
Former Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino / Photo credit to the owner

The corruption in government reached its zenith during the term of BS Aquino III -- even as incompetence in public office also reached its climax with ludicrously comedic stupidities committed by Aquino government officials. That our external debt was more than doubled during the noynoying term compared to the total from the time of Marcos up to PGMA's administration should tell us that the country would have had at least better infrastructures by now. But nothing happened -- only BS, including billions in donations for the Yolanda tragedy that never got to its intended beneficiaries. And talk about justice -- the justice secretary herself cavorting with known drug lords in the national penitentiary, while indulging in pleasures of the flesh with her male "sex slaves" serving under (and maybe sometimes, over) her...

And now these discredited yellow politicians who did nothing but steal from the public coffers want to stage a comeback in the 2019 elections? Those who would vote for them are just blinded by their democratic ideals, preferring to ignore all the signs of corruption and incompetence -- just to assuage their democratic egos and politically-correct ideals. Or it may simply be that they were also beneficiaries of the yellow corruption that turned our government into one big pork barrel for their insatiable greed, while serving only the oligarchs' interests even as the common people died of hunger and neglect by the dozens, or fell prey to the criminality spawned by the previously uncontrolled illegal drugs trade...

We cannot allow these yellow bastards to ruin our lives again. They may have already eschewed the hated color yellow -- but deep inside they're all the same incompetent, stupid, kleptocratic and corrupt politicians we now all know are bad for our republic -- whether in high or low office. Our bureaucracy also needs to be cleansed of all the grafters and white collar criminals in its midst, in order to return our government to its former self -- committed to real public service, accountability and transparency, not just lip service. Puta madre -- this may be our very last chance to put our whole house in order..."

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