An open letter to Bongbong Marcos from a Millennial

June Vincent Manuel Gaudan, a millennial, recently took to Facebook to write an open letter to Ferdinand Marcos Jr., whom he calls “Vice President Bong-bong Marcos”.
June Vincent Manuel Gaudan and Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr / Composite photos from Facebook

Gaudan wrote about how there is a mismatch in history and how it was told. He said that “history has been altered to fit one side of the story”, and that the Marcos family has suffered because of it.

Many people have been against the younger Marcos and his insistence that he is the true vice president in the Philippines, saying that no Marcos deserves to claim any political position because of the atrocities that happened during the Martial law of Marcos senior.

However, according to Gaudan, this hate is only because the current generation was wired to hate the Marcos family.

Also Gaudan does not deny nor disrespect the opinions of those who speak ill against the Marcos family, he says that he still has his own right to create an opinion for himself.

He says that the senior Marcos was a “visionary” who boosted the country’s position amongst other Southeast Asian nations, but also faced backlash for other things that he has done.

Gaudan does not deny that may people died during the time of the older Marcos, but he says that they were only killed because they broke the law.
He says that this is the reason why the name of the Marcos family was tarnished. Continuing on, Gaudan had a few things to say to the younger Marcos, claiming that his unsolicited advice could help Marcos “redeem the country”.

The first thing that Gaudan advices to Marcos is that he should follow President Rodrigo Duterte because he believes in the agenda of the president. The next is that he should not focus on the things that happened in the past, and must instead redirect his attention to pushing the country forward.

And the last thing Gaudan said was that Marcos should “make his lines open for us”. He wants Marcos be hear and listen to the people because the development of the country is something that every Filipino citizen should share at the end of the day.

Ending his post, it is clear the with the ongoing recount of votes for the position of vice president, Gaudan belives that Marcos is the real VP.

Read his full letter here:

"AN OPEN LETTER TO VP BONG-BONG MARCOS From a Millennial (June Vincent Manuel Gaudan)

Dear Vice President Marcos,

Your family is evil. Your family is cruel to political critics. Your father is a world-class thief who stole people’s money. You are just like your father. (These are some of the negative things we hear from other people who want to see you fail) .
Former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. / Photo from CNN Philippines

Just like a newly acquired computer, our young minds are downloaded with viruses. Inaccurate information are spoon-fed to us through our text books and various media platforms. We are wired to hate you, abhor you, loathe you and disdain you. The conditioning is very serious that when we research more about you in Google the words thief and abuse of human rights pops-up. But what they don’t know is that majority of us are not fools. We seek the truth. We are not blind followers of the norms.

So what is the truth?

Veritas Vos Liberabit.

The truth is that history has been altered to fit one side of the story. History is at its best when all sides are taken into equal consideration. Your father’s administration had its ups and downs, just like many great men in history – your father was just a man. He was not divine; thus, he was capable of making so much good and mistakes equally.

Although we were not yet born during the martial law years, it does not diminish the fact that we are also Filipinos. Generations before us may have witnessed it personally, and we respect their mixed opinions about it, but we also possess the right to profess our observations about this period.

Others describe it as “the golden years” but I describe it as “the defining years” of the Philippines. It was then that our country was given a choice to develop or regress. Your father was a visionary and chose to develop this country from ground-up. It was basically the industrial and agricultural revolution like no other. His leadership placed the Philippines on top of Southeast Asia and the international community. From roads, mega structures, bridges and power plants, your father made them all.

But like all developments, he also faced socio, political and economic setbacks. For many of us, this is very important to recognize because by acknowledging it people will begin to see the real picture. If we fail to highlight it, we will be judged as blind followers. Yes, many died but not because of lawlessness, but because of the mere fact that many broke the law and resisted arrest. 

Communism was at its peak in the country during those years, many campus leaders were brainwashed and resorted to violence and thought that what they did was right. The arrest and killings were sensationalized by paid media to advance their agenda.. We see the obvious reality that this is even happening now.

Your father operated within the law because he was a top notch lawyer and he believed that his actions should be not in contrary to it. His genius was unparalleled and his charisma made many politicians jealous.

He was a victim of crab mentality and contempt by oligarchs who can’t accept the truth that his leadership was working for the benefit of the many. The rich and few wanted the Filipinos not to succeed for them to continue their devious schemes.

VP Bong-Bong, here is an unsolicited advice from a millennial so that you will be successful in redeeming this country from poverty and hunger:
President Rodrigo Duterte and Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos / Photo from Rappler

1. Support the agenda of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Use your brilliance to expand his policies and lend him your help. He needs intelligent minds today whose only intent is development.

2. Do not focus on the past, focus on spreading your concrete plans and visions for this country moving forward. The strength of your opponent is bringing up revised past; don’t give them the liberty to take advantage of that. National healing comes from acknowledging the mistakes of the past because no man is perfect, and in the process we get to appreciate the bigger successes that we once achieved.

The millennials do care about the past, but we care for our future even more. Take us through your plans and visions, include us and we will gladly participate.

3. Above all, please make your lines open for us. Hear our thoughts, feelings and suggestions. We want to help you achieve our common goal in making this country great again.

The truth is that we want you to succeed and overcome the fight you are fighting for all of us. Do not waiver, do not get tired and fight the good fight.

Continue and expand the good plans, visions and policies of your father and President Duterte. We want to unite the Filipino people and create a renewed atmosphere of cooperation and genuine passion for nation-building. We are ready, lead us."


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