US-Based blogger: Leni Robredo is hopeless

Vice President Leni Robredo’s criticisms and comments on the state of the Philippines under the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte still continues to harshly backfire against her up to today with more netizens asserting that as a Vice President, Robredo is “hopeless.”
VP Leni Robredo / Photo from BusinessWorld

That was one description of netizen Edwin Jamora about Robredo in his post on Facebook where he enumerated the ways the Vice President failed as a representative of the country.

Contrary to what Leni Robredo told the world, the Philippines is not a hopeless country under President Duterte,” Jamora said in his opening statement before citing examples of Robredo’s inefficiency.

Jamora pointed out the Vice President’s knack for quoting Abraham Lincoln, inability to connect with people when she was a Cabinet Member, failed self-proclamation of being the Opposition Leader, failed attempt at reducing Duterte’s popularity, and her video stint to the United Nations.

In his full post on Facebook, Jamora said:

"Contrary to what Leni Robredo told the world, the Philippines is not a hopeless country under President Duterte

I'll tell you who is hopeless. But first, how do I describe Leni Robredo? 

To me, she’s like wandering aimlessly around the country like a lost soul. Clueless on what she’s supposed to do, on what she represents and don’t even know who she is and who she represents.  A wandering creature. No vision. Clueless on what her mission and her role in this world

1st -  She started by copying Abraham Lincoln. Quotes after quotes after quotes. What a dismal effort. All her quotes were of slum book quality.

2nd - She tried being a working Cabinet Member, but she won’t connect with people. Worse, she was outed by the President as a  spy. To save herself from further embarrassment, she made it appear that she resigned. But the resignation drama did not even create any tidal wave of support! Not even from her party.

3rd  – She proclaimed that she’s now the Opposition Leader. That didn’t take long. It was over as soon as the announcement ended. Not even the opposition could agree on her being the head honcho. Oh, what a blunder that was! It appears that the opposition does not respect her.

4th – She became the Primal Criticizer. Every presidential move, she’s at the corner criticizing hoping that it would puncture the President’s popularity and people’s support would wane. But Duterte’s popularity continued to fly high.

5th – De Lima was arrested. What a perfect timing. And with Trillanes lousy plan of orchestrating the filing of impeachment of Duterte, Leni Robredo would go on telling the blatant lies and paint the Philippines as a hopeless state, hoping that the world would rally with her in getting rid of President Duterte. It fell flat on her face. Now, she’s facing impeachment herself.

At this point, shouldn’t Leni Robredo be asking herself, how come she would not come close to President Duterte’s popularity? Wouldn’t that be the logical step why everything seems to work against Leni? 

We all know why our President is popular. He is authentic as his putangina! The man is oozing with EQ, and you can see that empathy when he is visiting wounded soldiers or typhoon victims, comforting wives who lost their husbands in the force, talking with sick kids at the hospital, talking to OFW’s. The man has a vision and a plan to not only improve the lives of the Filipinos but also get the country out of the quagmire it is in after years of mismanagement.

And Leni Robredo? 

She’s hopeless."

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