PUP alumnus states 8 reasons on why Noynoy Aquino should be rightly hated

Via a Facebook post, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Benson Bautista posted 8 reasons to why former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has been incompetent and irresponsible during his term. The original post came from Rik Escudero of Baguio City.
Former President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo from MSN

The first reason according to him that cemented PNoy’s incompetence was his inability to properly respond to the Luneta hostage crisis that resulted in 9 deaths. 

The second reason was another incompetence manifested in the death of 44 Special Armed Forces members, along with his deliberate act of going to Laguna for the Mitsubishi car show instead of greeting the SAF heroes.

Another reason is the recently blown up issue of the Dengvaxia vaccine that the former president is currently under fire for. 

The fifth reason listed is PNoy’s ignorance over the actual number and statistics of the damage typhoon Yolanda brought to the country, as well as him not knowing as well the actual extent of the laglag-bala extortion in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport that lasted for months.

The last two reasons listed was that Pnoy wasnt able to check Alan Purisima’s ties that resulted to two plunder cases against Purisima. As well as not checking the SALN and Psychiatrict test of Lourdes Sereno that resulted to “shaky” leadership in the supreme court.

All of these reasons, according to the post are not all the reasons to doubt Aquino. Rather, there are more.

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Rik Escudero - Baguio City

1. Noynoy didn't know what to do during the Luneta hostage crises and instead played DOTA in Malacanang. Result - 9 DEATHS and 9 wounded.

2. Noynoy didn't know the implication of the MILF legitimacy and the NOBEL prize for the BBL when the green light was given to the SAF to extract MARWAN. Result - 44 gallant policemen died.

3. Noynoy didn't know what to do when the 44 SAF HEROES arrived at Villamor so he went to Laguna for the MITSUBISHI car show

4. Noynoy didn't bother to check the international corruption cases involving Sanofi. Result - 830K Filipinos are now in DANGER of Dengvaxia

5. Noynoy didn't know the extent of the YOLANDA damage and instead went there after three days only after the issue exploded like a BOMB in international media.

6. Noynoy didn't know the extent of the LAGLAG-BALA extortion activities at the international airport and instead called it an issue blown out of proportion.

7. Noynoy didn't bother to check on Alan Purisima's corruptiion ties and instead relied on their ties that binds. Result - 2 plunder cases on Purisima

8. Noynoy didn't bother to check the SALN/Psychiatric test of Lourdes Sereno. Result - a shaky leadership in the Supreme Court.

Ayan, first 8 pa lang yan. Kaya HUWAG na tayo bumoto ng PRESIDENTE dahil lang NAMATAY ang NANAY nya kasi WALANG ALAM YAN.

PRAMIS. Dagdagan nyo pa mga FRIENDS."

PUP alumnus states 8 reasons on why Noynoy Aquino should be rightly hated PUP alumnus states 8 reasons on why Noynoy Aquino should be rightly hated Reviewed by Nathan Singson on August 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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