Netizen's open letter to CBCP: "This country is hub to deception"

Facebook netizen who goes by the name Joon Bas took to the popular social media site to call out the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for being hypocrites.
Archbishop Socrates Villegas / Photo credit to the owner

Archbishop Socrates Villegas recently said that the government is a purveyor of fake news.

This was something that Bas agreed to, saying that the country is indeed plagued with fake news. He added that included in these purveyors is the CBCP who have done a lot of bad things but hid them from the public.

Bas said that the Catholic Church had colonized the Philippines in the promise of salvation, but since then has not kept their word, and even more has “destroyed” the country.

He added that the CBCP has done a lot of bad things, like having child molesters and pedophiles.

He also lists down other “fake news” to prove his point.

In the end, Bas thanks Archbishop Villegas saying that he did make a very important point and it was something that must be listened to.

Read his full post here: 

"Dear CBCP:

For once, I'm agreeing with you. This country is the purveyor of fake news.

Remember how the Catholic Church used the cross to colonize the archipelago hundreds of years ago? The conquistadores promised salvation only to bring the country to hell.

There's no faker news than these: that the CBCP, actually the hub of child molesters and coddlers of pedophiles, paves the way to heaven; that LP is home to liberals but are actually well-publicized trapos, plunderers and feckless politicos; that AbNoy had been this nation's best president; that Cory is saintly; that Ninoy is a hero; that the present unitary system of government--installed by our colonizers since time immemorial--is best for us; that the present 1987 constitution is "the best in the world" yet our economy slid past almost all of our ASEAN neighbors in the last three decades.

The list goes on.

So thank you very much for making a very important point. This country is hub to deception.

And fuck you for leading the way."

Source: Joon Bas | Facebook
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