Duterte calls Sison “most cowardly of all cowards”

When Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder, Jose Maria Sison sought for a coalition government with communists in exchange for a peace agreement, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte went ahead and called him the “most cowardly of all cowards.
President Rodrigo Duterte and Joma Sison / Photo from Sunstar

Duterte announced that Sison had reached out to him in a want to join government and create a “politburo” or a committee where both the government and communist officials will be together to share power.

Duterte announced this during the 16th anniversary rites of the Supreme Tribal Council for Peace and Development Inc., in Davao City.

Sison is the most cowardly of all cowards. He was my idol when I was still a student. But now, whenever I talk to him, he tells me that he wants to join the government. We are like a politburo if that’s the case…They want a committee (where) they’re on the other side while I’m on the government side,” he said.

Our Constitution is the basis of sovereignty and the government. It can only be given to the person who was chosen by the people. But the person who would choose something like that is an immature coward,” he added.

Duterte said that bending to this will undermine and insult the electoral process as well as the country’s sovereignty.

He added that this demand from the rebels contributed to the failure of the peace talks done in the past. 

He said as well that the communist rebels have gone to the extent of abandoning their children and treating Sison like a God.

Look at what you did not just to your fellow person, but to the person whom you gave birth to. Son of a b*tch, and then you leave them. What’s worse is that you join the NPA and die for it. You will lose yourself to nothing, Then you follow Sison whom you’ve treated as your God,” he said.

He also said before that while Sison may have had started it with potential, he has lost his connection with the realities on the ground.

You’re not even prepared to die for God, but you’d be willing to die for an ideology. Whose ideology is that? It’s Sison’s. Who is he? He’s only a man. What is he? Stupid. Very stupid,” he added.

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