Anakbayan denies brainwashing students

On Thursday, youth organization Anakbayan denied allegations that they were brainwashing students to join their group and blamed the government saying reviving mandatory Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program would brainwash high school students.
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The reality is that it's not Anakbayan that engages in brainwashing, but rather Duterte's armed thugs in the military and police,” Anakbayan said in a statement.

It is they who are desperate to brainwash millions of Filipino students to blindly following the orders of greedy hoodlums and murderers in uniform by reviving Mandatory ROTC,” it added.

Anakbayan said that joining their group is voluntary and all those missing students are above the age of 18.

Every member is free to join and leave at any time,” the group said.

Anakbayan also said that it was the government armed forces who are planning to brainwash students.

They want to brainwash the youth by militarizing schools, turning them into bases through which they can stamp out all forms of legitimate and legal dissent,” the group said.

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