International trade expert revealed the hypocrisy of the yellow supporters

Social media personality and International trade expert MJ Quiambo Reyes, published a Facebook post regarding the hypocrisy going on in our country.
Photo credit to Inquirer

She posted six screenshots of news stories published during former President Noynoy Aquino’s term that proved how his administration is a whole lot worse compared to the current administration.

The co-founder of The Little Swallow, a non-government organization, also pleads the government’s critics to just accept their shortcomings and help the government, instead of criticizing mercilessly the president for trying to clean up the mess that was left behind by Aquino.

In her full Facebook post, Reyes said,


Please go through these screenshots and be reminded just how:

1. Extrajudicial murders are a blot on BS Aquino’s year in power --2011

2. Philippines was considered as among the worst countries for human rights –2015

3. Phils. was tagged as the one with the highest impunity rates in 2015

4. EJK was the biggest concern in Phils – 2014

5. “1 activist is killed per week” –Bayan, 2010

6. Phils. 1 of 10 deadliest countries for journalist –2015

Saan kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha para magsuot ng puti, lumuhod sa simbahan for photo ops, at kondenahin ang gobyerno ngayon ukol sa EJK?

Why can’t you have the slightest humility to own up to your shortcomings and help this government (or at the very least, shut up!) instead of incessantly demonizing PRRD for trying to clean up the huge mess you left behind?

To the Concerned Journalists/M.Media:

Please be reminded how many of your colleagues got killed and how the Philippines was considered as 1 of the 10 deadliest countries in the world for journalists--BUT NO, NOT DURING THIS ADMIN. BUT WAY BACK 2015.

NOW: Despite the left and right attack of many of you against our current government, despite painting our President as a heartless tyrant or even worse, a mass murderer--hayan at buhay na buhay na buhay pa naman kayo at may kumikitang kabuhayan pa nga!

Must I also remind you how the 'tyrant' PRRD you so love to demonize even promptly released Administrative Order #1 which aims to protect the journalists/media from harm

I can only hope these screenshots below (take note of the date of publication!) can bring some of you back to your senses and get you off your selective amnesia."

International trade expert revealed the hypocrisy of the yellow supporters International trade expert revealed the hypocrisy of the yellow supporters Reviewed by Nathan Singson on July 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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