Sec. Manny Piñol revealed how the government critics twist stories for their ends

In a Facebook post, Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol revealed how media and government critics twist stories on how they want it to be.

His post was regarding the meeting he set up together with the owner of F/B GEM-VER boat and the cook Richard Blaza to hear their story about the incident happened in Recto (Reed) Bank.

Read his post below:

"I promised not to comment on the Recto Bank incident anymore after I have done my task last Wednesday but there is post which is a total lie that I need to address.

On Monday, June 17, in the receiving area of the Office of the Agriculture Secretary, I met with F/B GEM-VER boat owner Arlinda dela Torre and the cook, Richard Blaza, to hear their story on the maritime incident in the Recto Bank and ask them how the Department of Agriculture could help.

I had to know the circumstances surrounding the incident because the President might ask for a briefing since it involved fishermen.

This was the same meeting where Captain Junel Insigne was supposed to be present but he backed out as he was not feeling well according to him.

While we were conversing, our information officer, Solita "Baby" Onquit, told me that several media photographers wanted to take pictures.

She asked if it was okey to open the door slightly so the photographers could take pictures from a distance and I agreed.

So, through the slightly opened door pictures were taken.

I was aware that photos were being taken.

But you know how they are slanting this now?

Pinapalabas nila na parang nakasilip sila ng top secret na pag-uusap.

Read this post:

"Mukha ng taong tinatakot upang magsinungaling.

Eto si Richard Blaza (boat cook) kinakausap ni DA secretary Manny Pinol bago humarap sa media.

PS: Apologies for the unintentional credit-grabbing. 😁"

After this picture was taken, I presented Blaza and Dela Torre to the media pero hindi yong frontal pictures ang ginamit kundi yong parang nakasilip sila at pinapalabas na tinatakot ko si Blaza.

This is how the critics of this administration distort facts just to push their agenda of destabilization.

By the way, my dare stands: If anyone would like to know if I intimidated or threatened any of the fishermen, go to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and ask them.

Hear it straight from them!

Sec. Manny Piñol revealed how the government critics twist stories for their ends Sec. Manny Piñol revealed how the government critics twist stories for their ends Reviewed by Nathan Singson on June 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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