Mark Lopez fully supports a revolutionary government

Social media personality Mark Lopez expresses his positive sentiment and full support over the proposed “revolutionary government” of President Rodrigo Duterte claiming that the revolution would mean the elimination of elites who allegedly damaged the country, and the promotion of real change that will bring forth prosperity in the nation.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Rappler

Lopez expressed his sentiment in a very lengthy post in Facebook account.

He said that the current 1986 Revolution was a fluke because it was just ruthless cycle where the Filipinos “[ousted] a dictator, but let the elite rule. And so it went from bad to worse.

20 years of supposed dictatorship, and 30 years of oligarchy, incompetence and corruption. 50 years wasted, with every facet of our living, from our health, to our education, to our economic standing, our environment and our welfare so carelessly governed and recklessly managed,” he added.

Moreover, Lopez claimed that the “elites” are the “trapos and epals” that did not have concern for the people and to get rid of them means “real change” because it will cause a “complete overhaul of a rotten system”.

Lopez further claimed that impediments from opposition forces will happen and that they have the resources to become a hindrance to the “real change” he imagine.

In terms of dealing with them he said that “It should be a revolution that would significantly take out the elite, the decent, and the shrewd ones who really fucked this country up with their greed, cunning and machinations for the last 50 years.

The post ended with him asking readers if they will join the fight.

"I am ready for a revolution! Whatever it takes. The question is - are you?"

Read his full post below:

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