Jim Paredes hated Duterte since college is fake news

In a Facebook page called “Kilusang Agila Alliance for the Philippines”, they revealed the alleged reason and how singer Jim Paredes started to hate President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to the page, it was the former classmate and room mate of Duterte from San Beda who shared the story in a radio interview.

Attorney Rafael Buencamino said that Paredes “disliked” Duterte since college. He said that it started when Paredes lost to the President during an inter-college Extemporaneous Speaking contest in 1971, Duterte’s last year in San Beda.

The feud between Duterte and Paredes was said to have worsened when Paredes was rejected by Duterte’s female classmate during a courtship. Buencamino claimed that Paredes thought Duterte spoke badly of him, hence the girl’s rejection.

Akala niya kasi sinisiraan namin siya kung kaya’t nabasted siya”, Buencamino said.

However, Paredes himself denied ever being in the same extemporaneous contest as Duterte, who is 6 years older than him, which meant they could not have possibly met during a college contest.

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In his Twitter account, Paredes said:

On #BuangNews that Digong beat me in an extemporaneous contest. I am 65. He is past 70. How could we have been on the same match? FAKE NEWS

Read the full post below:

"Jim Paredes and Rody Duterte feud started four decades ago. Here's why......

former San Beda classmate and roommate of President Rodrigo Duterte detailed why activist-musician Jaime Ramon “Jim” Peredes hold grudges against the current Philippine President.

Lawyer-businessman Atty. Rafael Buencamino, said during a Radyo Agong interview on Friday that Paredes dislike Duterte since college.

According to Buencamino, the Paredes-Duterte feud started when Paredes lost to Duterte in an inter-college Extemporaneous Speaking contest sometime in 1971 – Duterte’s last years in San Beda.

“Natalo siya (Paredes) sa speech contest, freshman siya noon sa Ateneo, medyo mataas ang pride kaya hindi natanggap ang pagkatalo. Dahil aktibista sila, hinimok niya si Rody na sumali sa pagiging aktibista, ngunit tumindi ang pagka-insulto niya nang tumanggi si Rody”, Buencamino said.

Beuncamino added that Paredes’s anger to Duterte was peaked when the former courted one of Duterte’s female classmates. Paredes thought Duterte was speaking badly about him that’s why the girl rejected him.

“Akala niya kasi sinisiraan namin siya kung kaya’t nabasted siya”, Buencamino added.

“I think Paredes’ life is full of failures and disappointments in politics that’s why he is jealous especially to the people who beat him earlier. Hindi niya rin matanggap noon na naging Mayor si Rody, lalo pa ngayong naging Presidente. E sya natalo nong tumakbong Brgy. Kapitan sa Kanila,” Buencamino added.

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Paredes is a known staunch critic of President Duterte and was present during the EDSA Anniversary where he and Duterte supporters exchanges tirades."

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