Duterte Apologises to China for 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis

In 2010, a disgruntled former police officer in Manila took 25 hostages after hijacking a tour bus. Most of the hostages were Chinese. After becoming agitated, the terrorist executed the hostages, thus provoking rage from the Chinese people and government.
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Previously, Philippine leaders have refused to apologise for this tragic incident which occurred on Philippine soil. Today, speaking before Filipino workers in China, President Rodrigo Duterte addressed the Chinese government and Chinese people directly saying:

May I apologise to you now…we are sorry that the incident happened. It will never happen again….I hope this will go a long way to assuage the feelings of the Chinese people and government.

During his speech, President Duterte was given a rockstar welcome by Filipinos in China who were genuinely delighted to see their present give a speech to them on friendly foreign soil. Duterte reiterated his commitment to serve his people and only his people saying he does not “give a shit” about the criticisms from hostile corners. 

“Do not worry about our country – we are safe, we our good. There has been a lessening use of drugs, criminality and terrorism.”

The audience reacting with loud cheers and applause to this statement. He also told his citizens to respect China and obey CHinese laws while living and working in China, thus demonstrating his firm commitment to strengthening the Sino-Philippine friendship.

The Philippine President further stated that “China has been very, very good to us”. 

He then revealed that China has given The Philippines a 4 billion investment grand which will be partly used to build a hospital in Marawi, the city that has recently been liberated from the terrorist occupation of the Maute group, thanks to Duterte’s decision to declare martial law in Mindanao. Duterte said there will be further economic investments and cooperative security initiatives between the two countries. 

Duterte has proved once again that it takes a true leader and a good man to change his country’s path from a negative to a positive direction, while also acknowledging the mistakes of his predecessors in order to cleanse the country of past indiscretions, thus paving the way for a brighter, safer and happier future for all Filipinos.

President Duterte further thanked both China and Russia and Presidents Putin and Xi personally for their steadfast support of the development of The Philippines. He further stated that trade and cultural contacts will soon increase in respect of relations between China and The Philippines.

Duterte also reiterated that the United States will one day realise that its drug problem is 100 times more serious than that which The Philippines faces and that therefore US politicians should be careful not to criticise The Philippines for a problem that has the potential to destroy the US itself.

WATCH the video below:

Source: Eurasiafuture
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