Netizens condemn the “educated” bashing on those who voted the “wrong” people

With the results of the May 2019 elections coming in and candidates like Bong Revilla, Bong Go, Cynthia Villar, and other making it to the top 12 senators, many people in social media were not pleased with the results.
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This resulted to a lot of people sharing posts about the results of the elections and complaining that the wrong people got voted into the position.

This is mainly rooted on the fact that Bong Revilla, and others have a bad track record in governance, where the mentioned candidate has been declared guilty of graft.

It’s not black and white

One particular netizen named Joonee Garcia took to Facebook to share her frustrations towards the many people who are angry with the results of the elections.

In her post, Garcia talks about how people have their own right to vote whichever politicians they deem worthy and these might not always be the same with others.

She said that not every “masa” person’s vote can be bought with money, and that there are also elite people who can be convinced with money.

Change starts with humility

Continuing on, Garcia said that real change starts when the arrogant step down from their pedestal and immerse with the masses.

She says that it is the duty of people to immerse themselves and educate the people of what is right and wrong in order to make the world a better place.

Otherwise, Garcia advices people to just “shut up” and keep their opinions to themselves.

All she wants is people to help each other and “rise up”.

Read her full post here:

"Been seeing quite a lot of “educated” people riffing on how the “masses” are all ignorant and voting for the “wrong” people.

Where do you get this information? You have absolutely no way of knowing who voted for whom. And you’d be surprised. Not every “masa” person sells their vote. And on the other side, there are “sosyal” people who can be bought. We cannot assume it is black and white.

Change starts when you stop assuming your privilege makes you smarter, better or in any way superior to those with less than you. If you really think people are so uninformed, make it your duty to go out, get to know them and help nurture future generations. Volunteer. Teach. Spend time at centers teaching others what you were taught, or support the work of those who do. If you are so worried about our future, then help make it better.

Or just shut up and respect everyone’s right to choose. Vote whomever you want. We are ALL entitled to that right. But stop belittling others because they don’t think the same way as you. They have their reasons. You have yours. Engage. If we listen to each other we might all learn something.

Don’t put people down. Help EVERYONE rise up.

This is what I get for opening Facebook instead of getting on with my reading."

Netizens condemn the “educated” bashing on those who voted the “wrong” people Netizens condemn the “educated” bashing on those who voted the “wrong” people Reviewed by Nathan Singson on May 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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