Lawyer hits netizens ranting about results of the 2019 senatorial elections

The May 2019 senatorial elections is still the trending topic in the Philippines with a lot of netizens hitting numerous social media sites in order to let out their feeling towards the partial results.
Attorney Monette Vierneza / Photo from her Facebook account

One of the most popular feelings that can be felt in most of the posts is frustration over the results. A lot of people have been ranting in Facebook and Twitter about the elections and that the people that were put into the position of senators were not deserving of their position.

Because of a lot of these negative rants and feeling being shown online, a lot have also taken upon themselves to counter these negative posts.

Post-election drama is not new

Attorney Monette Vierneza, has had it with netizens who continually post “RIP Philippines” and other similar sentiments showing disdain and frustration over the results of the senatorial race.

In a Facebook post that attracted the attention of a lot of people, Vierneza shared a few key points on her thoughts. She said she expected the drama and that even she felt sad about some of the people who got into the top 12, but at the end of the day, she said that it was what democracy was.

Changing the world starts with you

Vierneza’s first key point was that the future of our children should not depend on the government. She says that it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of the children and instills in them good values. 

She adds that she was able to pursue her career as a lawyer without the help of the people who sat in the government. She said that “we make our own destiny.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about”

Another thing that Vierneza was frustrated about was voters who called those who voted for the top 12 senators as “bobo”. She said that these people have no right to generalize the populace because they actually do not know who voted for whom. More than that, she says that it is very easy for these people to just let go of these words and these  negative sentiments without really thinking about the real situation.

Ending her post, Vierneza says that the country still has a long way to go and it is not near perfect but that “nationbuilding is not just the task of a few, not something we can do on Facebook, it’s the task of all of us regardless of where in the world we may be.”

Read her full post here:

"i expect the facebook election drama, the RIP philippines / condolence philippines posts, the rants about the “uneducated” masses, and the “fears” about their children’s future will simply die down as soon as these “highly-educated” and “morally upright” keyboard warriors have sipped their next venti macchiatos, or ordered their next bottle of wine, or booked their next travel adventure, or simply catch some sand, sun and sea in some fancy resort somewhere or have taken a weekend off somewhere in the land of the rising sun (the new HK for filipinos)...don’t get me wrong, i’ve facepalmed several times in the last 24 hours over some of those who won those sacred senate seats, but hey, that’s democracy...

just a few things:

1. our children’s future does not and should not depend on the clowns who sit in the government...our children’s future is OUR responsibility and lookout as parents, and ultimately our children’s choice based on the values we have instilled in them...i became a lawyer and pursued my career without it being influenced by marcos, cory, fvr, erap, gma, noynoy or duterte who are all presidents in my lifetime so far, and especially not by the clowns in the senate or congress over the last 4 decades...don’t we always say, we make our own destiny? so why fear now about our children’s future?

2. when you say RIP philippines, it’s really because you wish it fails and it dies just to prove that you were right all along...where is the nationalism and patriotism in that? ok forget about country ideals, just very simply, where is the humanity in that?

3. you shamelessly and proudly brand the masses and those in the hems of society, the “laylayan” as an uneducated bunch of losers who get the government they deserve, and yet if you are told to “move on”, you will go dramatically ballistic for sure πŸ™‚ plus you actually have no idea who voted whom, so you have absolutely NO right to assume that it’s the “uneducated losers” (based on your own elitist segmentation) who voted for those that you abhor...oh and one more thing, just to remind you that you actually use, whenever convenient for you, the “laylayan” in the platforms you are trying to what is it really, then?

the philippine government and philippine society has a long way to go, but there is hope...but you have to accept that there are realities other than your own, other than the comfortable deck of cards that you are fortunate enough to be dealt with in this life...and it is only in opening your eyes to those other realities that maybe deeper understanding and better action would be possible...nation-building is not just the task of a few, not something we can do on facebook, it’s the task of all of us regardless of where in the world we may be...

postscript: if the post does not apply to you, then spare my wall of your grandstanding dramatic reactions...know that we all want the same good things for our motherland."

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