Former student of Winnie Monsod calls out professor for biases

The recently conclude Senatorial elections is still making waves in social media. Many people have taken different sides in relation to the results. While some are happy about the results, a lot of opposition supporters have felt that they were cheated, with the many allegations of fraud in the recent elections.
Solita "Winnie" Monsod / Photo from Scoopnest

Economics professor alleges tampering

Solita “Winnie” Monsod, an Economics Professor said that there might have been tampering and manipulation that happened in the 2019 elections. She said that IT experts were asked regarding the issue and that they allegedly told her that they strongly believe that there might have been.

Student calls out the teacher

This statement from Monsod did not sit well with a Pro-Duterte blogger and supporter Nick Nañgit who says that he was once a student of Monsod.

Through a Facebook post, Nañgit described his teacher to be “brilliant and engaging”. He even goes further and praising her for being such a good teacher that he was inspired to take up Economics before.

However, it seems like his opinion on Monsod in matters beyond academics is different. He stated that Monsod is part of Rappler and that her husband is one of those who drafted the 1986 Constitution.

Because of this, Nañgit questions Monsod’s credibility in releasing that statement. He said that the electoral system this 2019 is the same with that of 2016, where Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo won the vice-presidential position.

Nañgit questions how there is an outcry of tampering today compared to that of 2016.

Ending his post, Nañgit says, “Brilliance can be bought, sadly”.

Read his full post here:


Solita Monsod was my former professor in an economics subject - brilliant and engaging. I told her, years later, that I would have taken up that course because she inspired me. I even wanted to take up advance elective subjects in Differential Calculus as applied to Economics. However, that was as far as academics was concerned.

Today, her true nature is equally resounding. The SEC records show she is part of Räpplėr. Her husband Christian is also one of those who drafted the 1986 Consitution.

The electoral system in 2019 is the same one used in 2016 that catapulted Madam Lení to her position. Why is there suddenly tampering and manipulation now? Is it too overwhelming and embarrassing to be slapped in the face by the Philippine electorate?

Brilliance can be bought, sadly.

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