Filmaker Matti's comment about Cebuano delicacy featured on Netflix's Street Food angers Cebuano netizens

Popular streaming website and app Netflix recently started an original series called Street Food wherein they featured different types of street and local cuisines from different places around the world.
Erik Matti / Photo from PEP

In a recent episode, they featured local delicacies from the Province of Cebu in the Visayas. In that particular episode, nilarang na bakasi, lumpia, lechon and tuslob buwa were showcased and presented.

Matti disappointed with Cebu featured food

Filmmaker Erik Matti had seen this episode of Street Food and expressed his disappointment over the choice of food that they featured.

In a tweet that quickly gained traction for various reasons, Matti said that the episode "borders on poverty porn". He added that he felt like the food that were chosen were "bizarre".

Matti added that all other Asian countries had "classic world-renowned street food."

He then ended his post by saying "bad research".

Cebuanos defend Street Food

Many Cebuanos were offended by the remarks released by Matti. One of them was Jd Sulit who is a Facebook netizen who says that he has grown up eating these Visayan food and delicacies.

In response to Matti, Sulit also made a Facebook post that also gained traction and support from Cebuanos and other people from the Visayas who felt the same way.

Sulit directly addressed Matti in his post and started by saying that the food in different countries in Asia are very diverse, and the Philippines is the same.

He then continues on saying that he thinks that the producers of the show actually did "good research" because they "dug so deep that even some Cebuanos wouldn't probably be so familiar".

But Sulit did not just stop there, he also tackled Matti's discussion of "poverty porn". He said that before he can say that Cebuanos are poor, there are a lot of rich Filipinos in Cebu.

He said that a lot of people own Land Cruisers, many successful people roam around downtown, and many other reasons.

Ending his post, Sulit challenged Matti to go to Cebu and have a street food buffet so he can be aware of the places featured in the Netflix series, or else, he shouldn't come to Cebu at all.

Read his full post here:

"Dear Mr. Matti,

What's bizaare to you may be breakfast for me. That's always been one of the profoundly beautiful things about food. Curry is not just India, as India is not just curry. North Vietnam is known for Pho and the south is known for Banh Mi. But their country is known for both and more. There are limitless versions of Mee and Kway Teow around Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia (and Indonesia has lechon too). And not all of Thailand is raving over Pad Thai.

Food, much like our English accents, is always different in every country, region, province, city, barangay, even in every household. I bet your mom makes kare-kare differently from my Manileño dad. But that should not mean one is better than the other. Food, most importantly, is a personal experience. What's four star to you may be sauteed shit for me.

I call it good research because they dug so deep that even some Cebuanos wouldn't probably be so familiar. But how we react - curious to discover, or bitter because we weren't featured - depends entirely on our character.

And before you even think poverty porn, I would like you to see how much Land Cruisers and excecutive sedans park at this small one-way eskinita at Guadalupe, lining up for Doming's ngohiong. Observe how the successful market stall owners of Carbon market look after their vegetable stores in the morning, and get picked up by their chauffeur-driven luxury vans at the end of the day. And drop your jaw at how the rich and famous of Cebu walk on gravel in their stilettos at Sugbo Mercado, the biggest, noisiest, most crowded food market in the country.

I challenge you, Mr. Matti. I will tour you around Cebu on a streetfood buffet. We will go to all those places rightfully featured by Netflix and then some. But I will do all that under one condition - whether you prove yourself right about our food and culture, or prove yourself terribly wrong and realize that we do offer some of the best streetfood in this country - I don't ever want to see your face in my province ever again."

Yours truly and always hungry,

Filmaker Matti's comment about Cebuano delicacy featured on Netflix's Street Food angers Cebuano netizens Filmaker Matti's comment about Cebuano delicacy featured on Netflix's Street Food angers Cebuano netizens Reviewed by Nathan Singson on May 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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