Communications Sec slams Agot Isidro

After the results of the May Philippine Senatorial elections started to come in, a lot of people, including celebrities who support the opposition, took to several social media sites to share their feeling towards the results.
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Actress Agot Isidro has once expressed her support for the opposition members who were unable to take any of the top 12 seats in the senatorial rates. And when the results came out, she had some words to say which she expressed in Twitter.

“Para sa administrasyon na ito:

Akala ninyo may forever???

Wala. Walang forever!

May araw din kayo. Lahat kayo,” Isidro said in her twitter account.

Sec defends the administration

This statement, of course, did not sit well with those who belong in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. One of them, Communications Secretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, took full offense and decided to respond to Isidro’s tweet.

Badoy took to Facebook to respond to Isidro and the first thing that she did was to deny the accusation of Isidro.

In her Facebook post, Badoy talks about how the Duterte administration has “healed” the Filipino people.

This President has made us remember what it was we had forgotten: what to ask of our public servants and how public service looks like: : humble, sincere, hardworking. A true offering of one’s self to country,” Badoy said in her post.

Duterte better than those who came before him

Badoy also talked about how President Duterte si better than those of the previous administration. She said that they are better as those of the likes of Mar Roxas and Former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

She says that these people were complicit and should be blamed for the deaths of many people, and also the reason why there are people who are hungry and suffering.

Ending her post, Badoy says that when their term is over, they will let go of power and let the next generation replace them.

Read her full post here:

“No, Ms. Isidro, NONE of us in this Administration think the rotten way that you do.

You’ve mistaken us for you, your useless president and the obsolete party you support.

The party that got royally trounced in the recent senatorial elections where a grand total of ZERO of your candidates got the nod of the Filipino people and where the President’s allies all but filled up all those senatorial slots.

All you need to know about why such an abject and complete rejection of the Filipino people for your boyfriend and his pals happened, Ms Isidro, is contained in this Tweet of yours: the total and almost pathetic ignorance over what public service means.

No, Ms Isidro, a public office is not that one chance you have to settle scores the way that bastard, Mar Roxas, did when Yolanda struck when he uttered that obscene line: “You are a Romualdez, the president is an Aquino.”

And that he did so while thousands upon thousands had died, were dying, in grief, hungry, thirsty, trembling in fear.

With the entry of Rodrigo Duterte into Malacanang, the reeducation of government workers about what real public service means began.

The healing of our people began too on that day. Because we had become such a deeply wounded people.

And this wounds were dealt to us by those whose sacred duty it was to serve and protect us—public officials like Mar Roxas, Noynoy Aquino, Donkey Soliman, Leila Saba, Butch Abad, Edwin Lacierda, Abi Valte. I could go on and on and on with this list of traitors to country.

This President has made us remember what it was we had forgotten: what to ask of our public servants and how public service looks like: : humble, sincere, hardworking.

A true offering of one’s self to country.

Our meetings start and end with this oftentimes expressed goal: “Let’s fix this so when we step down, the next administration will have something solid to build on.”

THAT is our direction and mindset. ALL THE TIME.

There will be no clinging to power when it is time to go. And what is this power but power to be given to the people and not to be kept for one’s self?

Unlike you and the irrelevant party you support, we don’t view public office as an entitlement but a public trust—something we earn by being faithful to the people we have vowed to serve.

Which, I think is the reason behind the trust and support given to us by the overwhelming majority of Filipinos.

And your overwhelming defeat.

So wag kang mag-alala, Ms Isidro. Hindi kami parehas ng team ng boyfriend mo.

Wala sa isip namin na forever ito.

Sandali lang ang pribilehiyo na makapagsilbi sa Bayang Pilipinas.

At habang nakaupo kami dito, makakatulog ng mahimbing ang ating mga kababayan.

Hawak namin ang mga pangarap nila para sa kanilang mga sarili at sa mga anak nila kasi iisa lang ang pinaghuhugutan namin ng tapang at malasakit: ang hindi matutuyong balon ng pagmamahal sa ating Bayan."

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