Veteran journalist: Rappler got hit by karma

Veteran journalist Rigoberto "Bobi" Tiglao took to popular social media site Facebook recently to discuss how online news platform, Rappler can now no longer push black propaganda for the benefit of the “dilawans”.
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Tiglao said that Rappler had been the Aquino family’s “propaganda machine” during the time that Chief Justice Renato Corona was in the middle of his impeachment case.

According to Tiglao, Rappler was one of the media machineries that published articles trying to manipulate public opinion over the Corona case, but aside from that, the Aquino camp allegedly bribed the senators and judges with P100 million directed to projects from the Disbursement Acceleration Program in order to push through with the impeachment.

He adds that there was even fake news published about Corona that he got his Ph.D. from the University of Santo Tomas (UST)  by breaking the law. He said this was fake news because UST denied this allegation.

Tiglao then goes to say that the public must not forget these things that has happened and Rappler had a part to play in the “unprecedented” ousting of the Chief Justice.

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Because it was new at that time, launched only Jan 2012, many forgot that Rappler, together with the Philippine Daily Inquirer led the Aquino's black propaganda machine against Chief Justice Corona to justify his removal -- which was eventually done by bribing the senator-judges with P100 million in projects from the Disbursement Acceleration Program. (If Aquino could throw a billion pesos at the senators, what's P100 million to fund a new propaganda machine in the new media targeting the millennials?)

Rappler's propaganda vs. Corona was led by its editor-at-large then (who however seems to be no longer connected with the website) Marites Vitug, who even got the PDI to publish front page her fake news that Corona broke the law to get a Ph.D. from UST. The university vehemently denied the allegation and proved it so..

Rappler's launching was rushed to provide the propaganda vs Corona during his trial which started Jan. 12, 2012 and ended May. Corona's removal has been Rappler's biggest achievement.

Karma? it is one of their articles, that Corona was using a chinese-businessman's car, that has gotten it in trouble now, as the businessman apparently got the nerve to complain at the NBI.

I don't think the case would prosper, but at least it reminded us of Rappler's role in the unprecedented removal of chief justice by the incumbent president."

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