Trillanes, Alejano pawns to the yellow mob

In a scathing editorial article posted by The Daily Tribune in their online website, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano took a hard hit as they were bombarded with accusations after accusations.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano / Photo from Abogado

Trillanes, Alejano did not contribute anything

The Daily Tribune was sure to hit both Trillanes and Alejano on their roles and positions in public office.

They continually accuse the two of not being productive members of the government.

They even went to the extent of saying that Trillanes’ track record of law and bills passed in the house are mere figments of his imagination and that the only thing that he did well was “irritate” President Rodrigo Duterte.

For so long, Trillanes and Rep Gary Alejano were on public payroll without doing anything in Congress even for the benefit of their colleagues in the military,” they said in the editorial piece.

Instead, they offer themselves as pawns to the yellow mob for a fee in the effort to oust the constitutional authority which is held by President Rody Duterte,” it added.

Pawns to the yellow mob

Trillanes an Alejano are mere “pawns to the yellow mob”, they said in the article.

Because they contribute nothing to the betterment of the country, The Daily Tribune said the duo are being paid to do the bidding of the Yellow Party or the Liberal Party.

They accuse the two of spearheading the call for impeachment of President Duterte March last year.
These accusations were rejected by the House, however.

The Daily Tribune also said that the two are leading the battle of continually accusing President Duterte of encouraging and even actually doing EJK.

Trillanes and Alejano were behind the highly partisan impeachment bid against Rody in March last year which was solely meant to buttress an International Criminal Court (ICC) case filed right after the House threw out the ridiculous allegations to oust Rody,” they said.

The duo will lose

Ending their article, they sealed the tirade against Trillanes and Alejano by predicting that the tactics they have been employing for the past years will no longer work.

They say that with “the truth” coming out, people will no longer believe in the two, saying that when the time comes “Alejano will lose and Trillanes will end up in jail”.

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