Retired Air Force General says Trillanes' lies about the alleged Triad

Triad is a notorious Chinese mafia group responsible for illegal drug production and shipment. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV claims to have received information that Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is connected with the Chinese group.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo from Manila Times

Retired Air Force General, Abe Purugganan pointed out how Trillanes could be merely bluffing this remark. In the first place, the senator claimed that he acquired the information from a foreign country and would not reveal which country exactly.

Purugganan said that there are proper and formal channels for highly confidential information to which Trillanes would have no access to. Unless other matters are at work. Purugganan urged Trillanes to reveal the truth of the matter to the Filipinos soon.

If it is not the foreign intel bit, Purugganan suspects that Trillanes may have gotten the information from Triad himself which would make the senator associated with the mafia underworld of illegal drugs and other crimes.

In his full post on Facebook, Purugganan said,

"Mr. Trillianes said that his information came from a foreign country. My question is, is it really from a foreign intelligence agency?

If it is, then Trillianes has no access to such information for they are classified. There is a formal channel for sharing information. Therefore, Trillianes lied. 

Trillianes must disclose which country did he get that information.

Now if it is not from the foreign intelligence services or law enforcement units, that information could have come from the TRIAD. If it is from the TRIAD, is Trillianes connected with  the TRIAD to have access to such information. And why is a Philippine senator talking to  Chinese mafia called the TRIAD?  Is he working with the TRIAD,  drug syndicates and narco politicians / generals to remove Pres Duterte from office? If this is so, then he is either an agent or a protector of the TRIAD, and playing the deception game. So, he lied again.

Not unless he just made up all these information to shame the Duterte family and create public unrest. And so, he lied again and again."

Retired Air Force General says Trillanes' lies about the alleged Triad Retired Air Force General says Trillanes' lies about the alleged Triad Reviewed by Nathan Singson on April 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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