Political Scientist called Loida Lewis 'DEVIL in the Bible Story'

"I like Loida Lewis' style. It is direct and openly calling for ousting President Duterte. No side lines and no games. 
Loida Nicholas-Lewis / Photo from thefilam

She openly instigates and openly finances contra Duterte movements and lobbies in US and other countries using her influence against the Philippines. She plots openly and aims to destabilize the government of the Philippines while sitting in a comfortable place with security that she can order people around. She kind of reminds me of the devil itself in Bible - smooth talker without any fear of being reprimanded for manipulating the innocents and with a jealousy that the devil has.

If I compare and draw a simile between the President Duterte to Adam in story of Bible and Vp Leni to Eve, I compare the Devil to Loida Lewis, and the Philippines to the Garden of Eden.

That is how I see Loida Lewis, and just like the Devil itself, she has no shame nor has a moral conviction that would be of good deeds.

Again, I am just your average Canadian Political Scientist who can just see the evil in those corrupt political and economic oligarchs who are burning inside out with a sense of jealousy and envy toward President Duterte and his accomplishments.

The Devil and its demons did not like all the attention the God give to its human creation too, right? And the same goes for Loida Lewis, her demons and their minions.

All the statistics shows that all the policies and reforms that President Duterte and his government have been taking is showing success, and only if all the government, media and businesses cooperate, the problem of the drugs, crime and corruption problems would have been solved months ago, but because of people like Loida Lewis, Leni Robredo, De Lima, Trillanes and others like them, this thing keeps dragging on, because those "Demonoids*" keep sharing their constant instigations in a hope to destroy what the President is building.

NOTE: *Demonoid is a popular BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker.

And I compare them to those Demonoid BitTorrent tracker and websites because they pop up somewhere else as soon as one is shutdown, just like the drug and crime syndicate that is supported and protected by those instigators' actions - perhaps one should ask why the government has such a hard time to shutdown their operations, and when you really look at things deep and hard, you can point your finger at people like VP Leni, Senator De Lima, Senator Trillanes and others like them and on top of the list you cannot stop noticing that Loida Lewis and the paid-off corporate mainstream media in the Philippines.

Open the competition to highly regulated foreign investment and you can notice that all those corrupt oligarchs turn and twist in themselves for not being able to compete with them - and in my opinion, that is one of their greatest fear, because they cannot compete with such type of competition

(Commentary to Loida Lewis:
https://www.facebook.com/TheThinkingPinoy/posts/756671874479918:0 )
Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator"

Political Scientist called Loida Lewis 'DEVIL in the Bible Story' Political Scientist called Loida Lewis 'DEVIL in the Bible Story' Reviewed by Nathan Singson on April 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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