Netizen rants over inconsiderateness of Filipinos towards own country

In the wake of the Marvel movie, Avengers: Engame, and the heat of the Chinese problem the Philippines is currently suffering from, some netizens over in Facebook noticed some details about the behavior of the country’s citizens towards others and towards their own country.
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Hate the Chinese, hate the country

Netizen Mitch Valdes was clearly upset about the behavior of Filipinos, especially those who went to the cinemas to watch the movie Avengers: Endgame.

A lot of photos have been circulating around in social media, and also including big media outlets displaying the trash that moviegoers left in the cinema after watching the movie.

It can be seen in many news stories how thousands of Filipinos flocked to cinemas in order to watch the movie on the first few days of its showing and the aftermath of which was not something that Filipinos should be proud of.

In her post, Valdes expressed about how passionate the people were in showing their disdain over the infiltration of China and Chinese workers and businesses in the country. But Valdez also found it ironic that while they were very anger towards the Chinese, they still showed disrespect towards their own country.

Valdes cited people leaving their trash in the cinema, or throwing them outside the windows of vehicles, and many other places.

She then concluded her post asking if Filipinos really did care about their country. She said that they might actually hate the country because of the behavior they display towards it. 

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“I just have to get this off my chest or I’ll burst. You condemn the Chinese mainlanders kababuyan in our country and rightly so, but you are also the ones who leave their trash on the cinema floor. Why? Because you can? Because someone will pick up after you? You throw fast food wrappers from your car window. You extoll the clean up of Boracay and Manila Bay ( for the Chinese din pala) but who was there first and left the trash? Us Filipinos. I’m beginning to think you really hate our country. And in any public restroom, tissues on the floor. And in planes! Are you allergic to trash cans?!. I’m glad the media finally pointed out the state of our movie theatres after each showing. After enjoying a movie I despair when the lights come on and I see the dumping around. Again, do you hate your country so much? Or maybe you hate your life. But please don’t take it on us. We’re just trying to put order in our lives by respecting the space we live in. There. Rant over. Peace man….LIGPIT NIYO KALAT NIYO ANAK NG 🤬🤬🤬 .

Source: Mitch Valdes 
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