Wife of Jed Mabilog slams Duterte: "Leave us alone!"

The wife of former Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog lashed out at President Rodrigo Duterte after he again named the former mayor on his latest list of alleged “narco-politicians.”
Jed Patrick Mabilog / Photo from Reporter.PH

In a Facebook post, Marivic Mabilog slams Duterte after he released the list of 46 alleged narco-politicians.

While Iloilo was cited as the third least drug infected city, Davao had one of the worst records in the drug trade and use in the country. If your latest narcolist is truly validated, why don’t you furnish the media the validated list and the sources of your data, properly validated by the reporting agencies? You never brought any drug-related case against Jed because you have nothing on him. Despite having the full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources, you came up empty against Jed. Nada. Zero. Zilch,” Marivic said.

You resorted to lies and fabrication which your own agencies have consistently rebutted. You think by continually shaming him and lying about him will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armor are the truths you refuse to acknowledge. The harder you hit the truth, the more sparkling and stronger it becomes. Leave us alone already,” Marivic said.

In another post, Marivic also accused the President of using the illegal drugs problem to keep himself in power while other pressing problems remained unaddressed.

Duterte is running one of the oldest political scams in the book: create the enemy you need. (Roman general) Crassus used (slave revolt leader) Spartacus. Hitler used the Jews. Duterte is using drugs. He has fabricated a drug menace and used it to keep his iron grip on power, as he did in Davao,” she said.

She cited “more pressing issues” in the country including “lack of potable water, rising prices of commodities, China’s encroachment, illegals from China, corruption in the government, to name a few, and heck, drug use in his own household.”

Look beyond Jed. Then maybe you can do some real work,” Marivic said.

Source: Inquirer
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