Tough laws needed for Philippines – Canadian political analyst

The current national and social ills the Philippines is facing is due to the inefficiency and incompetence of previous administrations, as a foreign political analyst opined.
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President Rodrigo Duterte now has to confront and solve these problems built up by years of negligent governance and the only way to do it, as Canadian political analyst Amir Assadollahi explained, is by implementing tough laws.

Assadollahi underline s the need for death penalty against drug dealers and pushers. He cited a case where chocolate and candied Marijuana was being sold to students in San Pedro, Laguna and police had only recently raided and captured the dealer.

While medical Marijuana is used in some countries, the analyst explained that it is not an alternative that would suit the Philippines given that there are too many issues that needs to be addressed first or else they would be a gateway for drug abuse.

The Philippines cannot simply adopt the policies of countries like Netherlands where secular education and free healthcare has been established. Assadollahi asserts that the Philippines needs intensified enforcement of laws to discipline its citizens.

In his full post on Facebook, Assadollahi said,

"Tough laws is a the only way to build the future"

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The Philippines is not the Netherlands, and drugs, criminality and corruption is a big problem that has been caused by the incompetence of previous administration and narco-politicians such as Sen. De Lima (formerly the Secretary of Justice in the Philippines who can be said proliferated the drug trade).

You defiantly need to have death penalty for drug dealers and drug pushers in the Philippines. The drug users become the pushers and dealers to financially support their habits. They will introduce drugs to young people, and Marijuana is dangerous to people under age of 20, because the brain is not fully developed (I had discussion with some people in health sector from the Netherlands, and that is what they said. They do not allow their family members under the age of 20 to touch Marijuana. So, anyone saying Marijuana is safe, I bet they have not done long studies about it. Marijuana under medical prescription is something else, and it is like any other painkiller that a doctor prescribes, so don't confuse doctor's recommendation to blackmarket street seller. In addition to that, I don't see a common agreement in medical field and pharmaceutical research with long term study of effect of Marijuana. Internationally there is no agreement on the usage of it as medication either. If one country approves of it as a medication, that does not mean every country approved of it.) Again, the Philippines is not the Netherlands to have secular education, free healthcare and all the support system that they have established for themselves. The criminality and corruption element in the Philippines is very high thanks to the last 30 years of incompetence and corrupt governing before Duterte Administration, and now he has to clean all the mess the previous administration and their narco-politicians had created.

The Philippines need tough laws and iron fist to deal with the criminal and corrupt elements in the Philippines. It is a know fact that drugs and criminality fuels the finances needed for lawlessness and criminal acts such as terrorism and violence against people, and a significant part of wars is financed by drugs and criminality as well. Just look at the world history and you can see a lot of that in human history.

I hate drugs, corruption and criminality and I also hate wars. Terrorism must stop and law and order needs to pave the road toward peace and security. If the people are still can't get it that drugs, criminality and corruption is not a way to go, then those people need to receive the highest punishment under the law.  What I said is a simplification of what needs to be done, and how this needs to be done is something that the government and the law needs to workout together.

If you want to have a great future for the Philippines. You have to stop drugs, criminality and corruption. There is no other way. Until the Philippines fully matures up and become a fully responsible nation as both people and government, you cannot be flexible about any kinds of drugs or any kind of violation of law, corruption or anything that breaks the law even as simple as a jaywalk. The media, all politicians, businesses and all the public must support such tough laws and regulations, because now it is time to clean up he mess the last administration had created. 

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded he judgment of some readers!)"

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