Tiglao claims Cambridge Analytica helped Aquino, not Duterte

Rigoberto Tiglao, a staunch supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, and a regular contributor and journalist for Manila Bulletin, recently set out to get the record straight regarding the alleged involvement of Cambridge Analytica in the election of Duterte into the presidency.
Former President Noynoy Aquino III and Current President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from ABS-CBN

In an article in Manila Bulletin, Tiglao sought to defend why Cambridge Analytica was helping former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III instead of the current President Duterte.

Tiglao calls Rappler fake news

In the article that Tiglao made in Manila Bulletin, he says Rappler “delights in fake news”.

Then he goes on to cite the article that Rappler made regarding the matter, saying that the online news site echoed the fake news started by the South China Morning Post.

The original article from SCMP was called “How Cambridge Analytica’s parent company helped ‘man of action’ Rodrigo Duterte win the 2016 Philippine Election”

SCMP should apologize

Tiglao says that the proper thing for SCMP to do is to apologize for creating the article. Not only that, but Tiglao says that they should also ban Raissa Robles from contributing to their newspapers.

Tiglao said that the study did not even mention president Duterte to be the subject of their data.

The data was supposedly pointing to a politician who was rebranded to be a tough crime fighter and that image was got him the position.

It wasn’t Duterte in 2010

According to Tiglao, the partner that they were talking about was Strategic Communications Laboratories who made the research or study.

And in the write up that Robles wrote, she allegedly said that the SCL research indicated that people were more likely to vote for a “strongman” who was “decisive and tough on crime”.

Robles also said that the SCL removed the 2016 research article but that versions of it were available in the internet.

According to Tiglao, it was not 2016, but 2010 elections that the SCL data was referring to. He says that Duterte did not even have any intention in becoming president 2010.

Tiglao said that the proof that it was of the 2010 elections was a brochure dated 2013 of which Robles got her data.

It was Aquino

Tiglao said that he had sources inside the Aquino camp saying that they employed the services of SCL worth P50 million which was allegedly shouldered by cousin Antonio Conjuanco Jr.

Amidst this, it is said that the Aquino camp did not adopt the tough man strategy but instead open for a more gentle one where he was framed as the son of the “Saint Cory”.

Meanwhile, Tiglao found it ironic that it was Duterte who employed this strategy and eventually won because of it.

With this fake SCL article, Aquino and the Yellow Cult are again revealed to have stupidly spent huge amounts of money to buy advice from foreigners,” Tiglao said.

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