Reasons why Otso Diretso is so desperate to have a debate with Hugpong ng Pagbabago

Netizen Noel Landero Sarifa shared on his Facebook account the reasons why the opposition for senatorial candidates Otso Diretso is so desperate to have a debate against the Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP).
Otso Diretso / Photo from Philippine Star

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"Reasons Why 8-Dirtesto is so desperate to have a debate with HNP(Hugpong ng Pagbabago) candidate and why they are not worthy of the debate.

- Nilalangaw ang rally ng 8-diresto, dinudumog ang rally ng HNP. To ride with HNP's publicity, they will push this agenda para magkaroon ng wider audience

- They will use the debate issue for media mileage( kakampi nila media e or bayad nila ang media. Ilang Million na kaya nagastos sa TV ad nila? Nakakaumay na manood ng TV.)

- Their agenda is for mudslinging. Magkalkal ng mga baho ng ibang kandidato or gumawa ng baho ng mga kandidato to make them look like the bad guys. Ginawa na ng LP to before painting Duterte Black to make themselves look white. This is a tactic they are very good at, unfortunately 2016 election was an eye opener. Manghihila lang sila sa pababa.
Hugpong ng Pagbabago / Photo from Rappler

- previous debate shows they don't have platforms to push for nation building, we can see how they do the blaming game ( Just like their Boss, Boy Sisi). While other candidates proposed solutions for issues we need to address, 8-Diretso just wanted to point fingers whom to blame.

- They are all set to make this campaign a circus show rather than using their time in promoting their platforms( or they don't really have any platforms to push on the first place)

- Aminado naman ang 8- diretso na hindi sila kilala ( As what they say on their commercials), kaya magpapakilala sila gamit ang HNP

- They will Never help the Duterte Admin if ever elected, ngayun pa nga lang kontra na sila, even the projects that will clearly benefit the Filipino people ( Sabi nga ni Diokno, No smoking lang nagawang maganda ni Duterte)

- HNP candidates are proven to have efficiently worked with the government and have nothing to prove on a debate, I guess it is 8-diretso's job to show the voters what is it that they have done for the country and what is it that they will do once elected by campaigning, not on a debate.

- As what Mayor Sara said, napaka-unprofessional, to call us not Filipino's if we are not going to vote for them is a big insult to our Democracy. At sila yung nagsisigaw ng Dictatorship sila mismo ang dictator.

To all Filipino who are happy with the Duterte administration, if we still want to enjoy the on-going progress and to push this administrations' agenda even after Duterte's Term, we need people on the senate who believes in our President's Principles and who will champion our president's agenda. This is my opinion and if Facebook exercise freedom of speech there is nothing wrong with this post."

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