Netizen: Years after Yolanda, Duterte’s response hasn’t been forgotten

Years after the one of the worst typhoons hit the Philippines, Filipinos still remember the pain and anguish the tragedy brought about by Typhoon Yolanda.
4 years after Yolanda, Duterte’s response hasn’t been forgotten

Up until today, the suffering and loss thousands of Filipinos have experienced are still left unhealed, mainly due to the lack of response coming from the government leaders during that time.

However, social media personality Mark Lopez took it to Facebook to express that not all government leaders are heartless - especially Mayor turned President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Lopez mentioned in his post how the Aquino administration was unresponsive, heartless and irresponsible, allowing people to continue to suffer in the hands of nature, simply because they valued politics so much more than actual lives. He went on to imply that Aquino’s “Daang Matuwid” tagline was nothing more than that - a phrase meant to provide comfort and trust to the government, without actually fulfilling it.

President Duterte, however, who was still Davao Mayor during that time, was one of the first responders to Yolanda ground zero when tragedy struck, according to Lopez.

Then-Mayor Duterte rapidly organized a team of doctors, rescuers, and volunteers to be deployed to Leyte during the time, all because he knew help and support was urgently needed.
Former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte almost in tears after visit to typhoon Yolanda ravaged Tacloban City

It has been four years since it has happened, but people never forgot.

Read the full Facebook post below:


Four years and counting, these vividly chilling words still reverberate and trigger us into rage, disgust and despair:

“You are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino.”

“Eh Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo.”

“Buhay ka pa naman di ba?”
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Cold, heartless and wretched words which echoed loudly in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe that claimed thousands of lives and shattered hundreds of thousands of dreams.

Damning words spewed recklessly in a city littered with drowned, maimed, lifeless bodies alongside their lost, bewildered and shocked survivors, amidst a devastation so powerfully numbing and indescribable.

They were words uttered by inconsiderate, indifferent and apathetic national leaders who gave undue prominence to politics rather than provide meaningful public service in an astounding calamity.

They were harsh, savage and jarring words unleashed to a battered community but heard loudly across the globe to a startled and nonplussed citizenry.

They were words that penetrated so deep into the national psyche and consciousness that it impacted a national election 3 years after it was uttered.

Even now, the words still sting and still rumbles, like the heavy downpour and the powerful winds that wrought havoc. The same words which then triggers the flood of memories of chaos and disorder, neglect, apathy, greed and corruption.

The words that rupture the heart and enrage the soul when we all recall how relief remain undelivered, and shelters remain unbuild.

These were words that came out of the mouths of decent, intelligent, well bred, highly educated and powerful leaders coming from very affluent, influential and elite families.

These were words that serve as a lynchpin of a mantra popularly known as “Daang Matuwid.”

Meanwhile, in another city, a tough and uncouth mayor quietly but rapidly organized a rescue and relief team sans any fanfare.

And this same team of doctors, rescue and disaster management volunteers immediately deployed and went about their work efficiently because they were inspired by an attitude of utmost concern and care for fellowmen in dire need of help.

There was that palpable persistence for swift action, and the sincere desire to provide comfort and aid.


It was all because of that hillbilly mayor.

Yes, the brash and boorish mayor of a city hundreds of miles away WAS ONE OF THE FIRST RESPONDERS in Yolanda ground zero.

Four years after, this story of contrast remain true.

And therein lie the difference.


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