Netizen shares list of Duterte's major achievements

Amidst some negative sentiments against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the support from many people who have been with him since he started campaigning has still not wavered.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit to the owner

Many of the supporters of the President have even come on harder and stronger in letting their voice be heard, defending the president and attempting to prove that indeed he has done good for the country.

Filipino tennis player shares list of achievements

Nationally acknowledged tennis player Willy Ramasola has been a longtime supporter of the Philippine president. Naturally, when the president is attacked by the opposition, he came to the president’s defense.

The tennis player took to popular social media site Facebook to share a list of achievements the president has. The post has already been shared over 800 times on Facebook.

Ramasola clearly believes in the president and also believes that he is the sole reason why these instances ever took place.

He adds in his post that what he likes about the president is that he is unforgiving and ruthless with people who do not agree with his point of view. Take for example his immediate prosecution, imprisonment and killing of criminals in society. 

More than that, Ramasola accepts that the President already said before that when he takes the position, it will be “bloody”.

But even with these lives taken away, Ramasola believes that this show of “strong political will” from the president is something that the Philippines need in order to affect change, as it is something that has been continually promised in the past but never achieved.

Opposition can complain but people will still support

Ramasola says that no matter how many complaints and cases filed against the president, his administration, or his war on drugs, the people will still continue to support the president.

This is because of the mere fact that his ruthlessness is something that he promised in his campaign as in delivering right now as he sits as president.

In order for the change to happen, Ramasola calls upon the Filipino people to give their unwavering support towards the president as it is the only way that the country can truly progress.

Read more about what he had to say here:

The Major Achievements of President Rody Duterte

1. Entry of a third major telco in the country.

2. Liberation of Marawi from the Maute/ISIS terrorist occupation.

3. Control of the Communist NPA insurgency problem.

4. Passage of the Bangsamoro Organic Law to bring peace in Mindanao.

5. Removal of an unqualified Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from her post.

6. Raising of tax exemption ceilings which increased the take home pay of workers.

7. Continuation and completion of infrastructure projects of past administrations such as airports, bridges and highways and embarking on new infra projects to ease the transportation and traffic problem.

8. Increased SSS pensions.

9. Free college tuition in public universities.

10. Return of the Balangiga Bells.

11. Aggressive campaign against illegal drugs.

12. Aggressive campaign against tax evaders which forced big businesses like Mighty Corp, PAL etc. to cough up billions of pesos in tax payments.

13. Harmonious dealings with China on the exploration of South China Sea energy resources.

Our president is a strong leader who doesn’t hesitate to prosecute, imprison and even kill criminals in our society. He warned us that his presidency is going to be bloody for he will rule with a strong political will to effect needed changes in his government and in our country.

Those blocking his way can only cry about EJKs, suppression of freedom and human rights, and all sorts of allegations and complaints about his naps and even about his jokes. 

But unfortunately for these opposition politicians, religious hypocrites and business oligarchs, the people have remained steadfast in their support for the President. And this is because we all know that what he is doing is for the good of our country. He is doing his darn best to fulfill his promises to the Filipinos. And the least that we can do is give our unwavering support to him and his administration.

Thank you Mr. President.
Keep up the good work.
God bless our country.
God bless the Filipino people.

Source: Willy Ramasola | Facebook
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