Netizen says the 'Laiban Dam' was a proposed project in 1970's but suspended by Cory Aquino

Apple Jolo is one of the people that was greatly affected by the water shortage in Metro Manila. However, unlike most people she is not complaining because she believes it is for the greater good.
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Jolo is a staunch supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. And with the a new dam funded by the Chinese coming in causing a lot of problems, Jolo was quick to come to the defense of the president.

Jolo provides “fast fact”

According to Jolo, the Laiban Dam was initially proposed in the 1970 but was not pushed through under the administration of Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

Jolo seems very supportive of the dam as she calls Aquino “bitter". She adds that the project was reintroduced and suspended again with other presidents.

She then goes on to say that the Laiban dam, along with the Kaliwa dam is set to be pushed through by President Duterte and she is very happy for it.

Water shortage not cover for Chinese help

Jolo says that she is annoyed with people who claim that the water shortage in Manila is only a cover up for the President to sign in a sneaky deal with China.

She says that this is not only credited to President Duterte but has been going on for years on back. More than that, she feels like it is only President Duterte who is good enough to bring this dam to Metro Manila.

It is clear that Jolo approves of this dam and tells the doubters to hang on to their non existent water because it is sure to reap benefits in the future.

Former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III also planned to push for the dams before, but was unable to continue because of many protests, especially from the tribes in those areas who consider it their home and see that it may cause damage to their homes if the dams are created.

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"Fast fact:

The Laiban Dam was a proposed project in the 1970's. Unfortunately, it was suspended in 1989 during the presidency of a very bitter Corazon Aquino. It should have served as a catch basin, and in turn, supply Metro Manila with enough water alongside Angat and La Mesa. Consequently, after Fidel Ramos took over, his privatization of MWSS further buried the project since Maynilad and Manila Water took control of the precious supply. The project was re-introduced in Gloria Arroyo's time with funding from China. Again though, it was scrapped in 2008.

A ray of light -- Under the current administration, another dam called KALIWA is set to be built somewhere in Infanta, Quezon. The Laiban will also push foward after 30 plus years of being forgotten. So, if peope are trying to suggest that this water crisis is a set up perpetuated by Rodrigo Duterte for the sake of shady infrastructure deals with China, ihagis ko sayo ang mga timba ko ngayon na walang laman. This problem has its roots in the years before you were born or even became a fetus in your mother's womb. A Ferdinand Marcos used foresight to build a strong nation, but the Filipinos chose to replace him with a vindictive Aquino. From a nuclear power plant down to a dam, everything was halted in the name of a woman's reckless pride. What you see now under Duterte is just desperate damage control...damage created by your idols in yellow.”

Netizen says the 'Laiban Dam' was a proposed project in 1970's but suspended by Cory Aquino Netizen says the 'Laiban Dam' was a proposed project in 1970's but suspended by Cory Aquino Reviewed by Nathan Singson on March 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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