Netizen: CBCP has one more “idiotic” member besides Villegas and it’s Broderick Pabillo

Archbishop Socrates Villegas headlined news for labeling fake news as a “sin” and for particularly directing his criticisms at President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters.
Bishop Broderick Pabillo / Photo from Philippine Star

As it turns out, Ateneo De Manila alumnus Orion Perez labeled Villegas as an idiot, but soon enough it was not only Villegas who carried the label.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo, an auxiliary bishop of Manila and member of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), was also called out by Perez as an idiot for the former’s opposing stance on Duterte’s push for a Constitutional Reform.

Pabillo believes that the Philippines does not need to undergo a Constitutional Reform. With the current anti-Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) restrictions, the nation’s economy is struggling to address the problem of unemployment.

Perez finds it ironic that for someone of Pabillo’s like who belongs to a multinational organization like the Church, he does not favor foreign help to boost the economy of the nation and generate jobs.

Job generation is a primary concern for a country plagued with problems of overpopulation and poverty. Perez cited Ireland, once called the “Philippines of Northwestern Europe” for bearing the same ills as the Philippines, has now developed into the “European hub for Americans” after successfully producing cheaper and quality labor force.

Singapore, as an Asian example, is proof of how FDIs can spur economic development.

Despite the abundance of examples and research, Perez laments that Pabillo did not exert effort to broaden his understanding of the need for Constitutional Reform.

In his full post on Facebook, Perez said,

"Aside from Soc Villegas, there is another major idiot in the CBCP... His name is Broderick Pabillo.

I recall how that idiot-in-a-cassock kept on insisting that the Philippines did not need to undergo Constitutional Reform.

You would have thought that the CBCP would seriously consider trying to look after the material and economic needs of the vast majority of their flock by advocating reforms such as the removal of anti-FDI restrictions and have MNCs come in and create lots of jobs for the people considering that the Roman Catholic Church is itself a Multinational Organization. But NO. Barriotic Idiocy permeates everywhere in the Phils, and supposedly educated prelates like Pabillo aren't even humble enough to at least learn about how other countries have solved their poverty problem by allowing foreign direct investments to flow in massively...

Case in point is predominantly Catholic and "Philippines-like" IRELAND. Long considered to be "the Philippines of North-western Europe", Ireland has historically had the same ills that the Philippines has been afflicted with: high birthrates, chronic and massive unemployment, and a dependence on sending people abroad as both émigrés and migrant workers sending remittances back to their families left behind.

But they wisened up and decided to take pointers from countries in Asia (particularly Singapore) and opened up to foreign direct investments.

Capitalizing on what was originally a lower cost of labor, an abundant supply of jobseekers and fresh graduates, and yes, English-speaking ability, Ireland positioned itself to become the European hub for American companies for manufacturing, tech support, etc.

Sadly, barriotic-minded bishops like Broderick Pabillo don't read or do research, nor do they analyze things properly. The guy simply doesn't realize that he is actively shooting down the easiest-to-implement poverty-alleviating solution that has been proven to work many times over: aggressively bringing foreign direct investors in.

Folks, please make sure to educate the CBCP on why the Philippines needs Constitutional Reform and denounce those who refuse to learn and instead stick to outdated barriotic views that keep the Philippines poor."

Netizen: CBCP has one more “idiotic” member besides Villegas and it’s Broderick Pabillo Netizen: CBCP has one more “idiotic” member besides Villegas and it’s Broderick Pabillo Reviewed by Nathan Singson on March 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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