Mother of slain girl in Lapu-lapu cries for justice: ‘I’ve no more tears left’

Lourdes Silawan is clearly heartbroken and crying for justice for her daughter Christine Lee Silawan who was brutally murdered just this March 26 in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.
Lourdes Silawan / Photo from Manila Bulletin

I have no more tears left to cry. I feel so weak. I don’t know if I can recover from this,” Lourdes said in Cebuano.

Brutal murder

Christine’s body was found in Barangay Bankal in Lapu-lapu City. She was found in a gruesome scene with the skin peeled off her face, and stabs wounds all over her body.

The authorities in Central Visayas have examined her body and have released a statement of their findings.

Other than her face was skinned, we noted in our examination that her trachea and the esophagus were missing. The musculature at the right side of the neck was also ripped off so the cervical vertebrae can already be seen. Aside from that, her tongue is also gone,” said Dr. Benjamin Lara, the chief medico-legal officer of the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory in Central Visayas.

Lara, however, said it is not certain if the missing organs were removed by her attackers.

We have to remember that she was dumped in an open area. There were animals there and there is possibility that the missing organs may have been eaten by the animals,” he said.

The Chief of police in Lapu-lapu, Sr. Supt. Lemuel Obon also had some words to say regarding the brutal murder.

"When I woke up this morning, I prayed that the killers will be finally arrested,” Obon told Lourdes.

Obon promised Lourdes the persons behind the gruesome murder will be arrested.

It’s just a matter of time before they get arrested. There are three of them and they are armed. My instruction to my men is to get them alive as much as possible,” Obon said.

For now Obon is refusing to divulge the identities of the killers.

I hope I can tell everything now like why and who killed Christine but we have to withhold some information so as not to hamper our operations,” he said.

There was no sign that Christine was raped.

Supposed to have a bright future ahead

Christine had a very bright future, her mother Lourdes said.

She had a dream of becoming a teacher or a flight attendant, but had been cut short because of her death.

She was a very good daughter. I couldn’t understand why someone had to do something barbaric to her. She was very kind, a silent type. She was my buddy, she was very obedient. She would do everything I tell her to do without complaining,” Lourdes said.

Aside from that Christine was also a collector in their church. In the night she went missing, she had asked permission from her mother that she would attend mass at the Sacred Heart Parish Church in Barangay Pajac.

Lourdes said that she became very worried when it was getting late and Christine has still not come home. She said that it was the first time that her daughter was not able to come home overnight and she knew that something was off.

What I heard was that a salvage victim had been found. At the time, I became worried since Christine was still missing. The moment I saw the body, I knew it was her because of the dress, the fingers, even the toes. I couldn’t understand my feeling when I saw her lifeless. I also wanted to die at the time,” she said.

Lourdes is obviously and understandably distraught of her daughter’s death and wishes to get justice for it.

Monetary award for the killers

The Mayor Paz Radaza has offered P1 million cash to anyone who can provide information for the arrest of the killers of Christine.

Aside from this, the Police Regional Advisory Council has also offered a P100,000 award.

Mother of slain girl in Lapu-lapu cries for justice: ‘I’ve no more tears left’ Mother of slain girl in Lapu-lapu cries for justice: ‘I’ve no more tears left’ Reviewed by Nathan Singson on March 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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