Former LP supporter expresses change of heart: "These people are like alligators"

The opposition, or the Liberal Party has released their candidates for the 2019 senatorial elections and netizens have been expressing their thoughts towards the issue. One by the name of Reinier Torralba Tejano had something to say about the line-up of the opposition.
Liberal Party Senatorial Line up / Photo from Rappler

Change of Heart

He shares that in the past elections he had voted for the Liberal Party, saying that he supported them and their cause. But as time went by, he said that he feels that they only brought negativity and problems to the country. Although he did not specify what these were, he shared what they could have done.

Tejano says that he feels like the Liberal Party have been tricking him and the Filipino people. He says that although they are educated and do have valuable input towards policies and law, the fact that they are against the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte counters that and does not lead to anything productive in the government.

Only for their interest

He says that he feels like what the Liberal Party does is only to protect their own wants and interests, and in effect the needs of the Filipino people are pushed back because of this politicking.

Defending his change of heart, Tejano says that it sometimes makes sense to choose someone very different from the one you had before. This drastic change is what the country might need, he says.

Help the administration

The only thing that the Liberal Party should have done, Tejano says, is to help the administration instead of always going up against them and criticizing their views.

More than that, Tejano says that the more the Liberal Party spreads hate towards the president and his administration, the more the Filipino people will hate them.

Read his full post here:

"I voted for the LP before but seeing what a mess they did in their term as elected officials has made me changed my mind on how I look at politics in the Philippines. These people are like alligators covered in sheath of wool for them to look like lambs. Yes, it is undeniable that they are well educated and they belong to the elite sector of society but that does not quantify at all that they are fit in being a public servant, all they do is safeguarding their party's interest. Sometimes it is rightful to vote somebody whose a bit odd and someone not within the level of the expected morals of society as long as that person has got good decision making skills, who stands by his words and an individual who understands the need of the poor and the country as a whole. We don't need people who knows only how to run our economy alone but more so we need individuals who are genuine in their intentions. I have had enough on how these people from the Opposition moving against the plans of the administration, suppose to be, if they care for the greater majority, they should have helped the administration in creating a better Philippines rather than pointing out the wrongs and airing them out over the media. But as far as I've noticed, the more the Opposition rants against the government, the more they are they are hated now by the people..."

Former LP supporter expresses change of heart: "These people are like alligators" Former LP supporter expresses change of heart: "These people are like alligators" Reviewed by Nathan Singson on March 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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