Enrile highlights why he supports Duterte

Former Senate President and current senatorial candidate Juan Ponce Enrile is clearly in awe of current President Rodrigo Duterte. He has been serving in politics for a very long time and for sure he has seen a lot of styles of politics and leadership.
Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from ABS-CBN

Because of this, Enrile shared to the public what he thinks of President Duterte’s handling of three key national issues.

These issues are the standing of the country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Marawi conflict, and the territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea.

Duterte protects and defends the constitution – Enrile

In a social media talk show called Misconcensus: The Politics of Things, Enrile said that the oath of the president is to “protect and defend the Constitution, to execute the laws of the land”.

Enrile adds that this is what President Duterte is doing.

Martial law in Mindanao

Enrile says that it was a correct call for the President to impose martial law in Mindanao when the Marawi conflict happened.

”I respect the judgment of the President. We have to guard against the Islamist radicals of Saudi Arabia who establish religious schools or madrassas in Mindanao. Saudi Arabia practices the most puritanical form of Islam, or Wahhabism. We now have very radical philosophers and teachers of Jihadism here; the same problem exists in Europe and in the US. It will be a long campaign to eradicate them,” Enrile said.

It’s either we believe in the system [of government] or not. If we believe in democracy, we have to accept the process,” he added. 

“Here is a guy [Duterte] willing to be antagonized and maligned as he enforces the law. Most other presidents would just play ball.”

Enrile thinks that the president has prerogative on when to impose martial law and should be done in order to maintain peace and order.

Approving of ASEAN and China issue strategy

Enrile then continues on to say that the believes in President Duterte’s strategy in handling the conflict with China regarding the West Philippine Sea.

He believes that our territory should be protected but there is a question of enforcing that right and if the country is capable of doing so.

Enrile agrees with Duterte in cozying up t o China, saying that it is the better strategy.

They [China] are willing to talk to us. We could jointly explore the area for resources,” he said. “There are always stronger and weaker nations. Unfortunately, we presently belong to the second group.” 

We do have a right to the territory guaranteed by the UN and the International Arbiter Body,” he said. But he questioned the Philippines’ “capacity in enforcing that right.”

We have two options — raise an army or negotiate,” Enrile said.

He questioned the feasibility of the first option because it would “cost us money and lives.”

And he added: “Even if we win, it could cost us ruin.”

Along with this, Enrile says that he is in awe of Duterte because he is someone who is willing to be antagonized by the public in order for his strategy to be implemented – even at the cost of positive public opinion.

Source: Inquirer
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