Director Manny Castañeda blames Manila water shortage on “Yellowtards”

Director and actor Manny Castañeda is one of the people in Metro Manila who are currently experience an intense water shortage.
Director Manny Castañeda / Photo from PEP

There have been many photos and reports that many households and establishments around Metro Manila have run out of water. Malacañang commented that the source of the water has run dry and has proposed the construction of a dam in order to address this concern.

Countering this, many netizens, even some people who had worked in the department had said that the water shortage was only a smokescreen in order to bring in Chinese developers in the country.

However, amidst this back and forth between and among groups, many people have found it in themselves to not blame the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, and to instead blame the “Yellowtards” or the Aquinos.

It was the Aquinos

Castañeda clearly is annoyed with all the hate the Duterte administration is getting over the Metro Manila water shortage. He then resorted to a Facebook post to tell the public exactly what he feels.

The first thing that Castañeda said was that he does not understand how the people continue to accuse the president of this crisis because he feels that the blame should be put solely on the Aquinos.

He mentions the year 1986 and how this was when the water problem first started. He says that within the 33 years that it had been an issue in the area, Castañeda accuses the “Aquinos” for not doing anything about it.

Castañeda says that this inaction has resulted to an extreme crisis and that the “yellow turds” are not taking accountability of it, further alleging that they have no good reason for opposing the construction of a dam.

Read his full Facebook post here:

"With the elections just around the corner, the water crisis has become highly politicized with the Yellow turds putting all the blame on the current administration. Whereas, it is a known fact that Metro Manila has had this recurring water shortage even way back in 1986. And for 33 long years, the Aquinos and their yellow minions did nothing... repeat... NOTHING to provide a sustainable solution to the problem. Now, a dam is being fast-tracked as an answer to Manila’s water shortage and to prevent a major water crisis similar to what we are currently experiencing. However, this is not well recieved by the Yellow turds. True to their loathsome nature, they are quick to discredit and downplay the project with no justifiable nor compeling reason except for the imaginary scenarios they conjured to negate the contruction of the dam.

Yes, I am also experiencing all the discomforts of the water crisis. As a citizen, I feel I do not deserve this aggravation, especially at my age. And right now, I would like to scream PUTANGINA but would gladly direct this curse to all the YELLOW EXCREMENT of this country."

Director Manny Castañeda blames Manila water shortage on “Yellowtards” Director Manny Castañeda blames Manila water shortage on “Yellowtards” Reviewed by Nathan Singson on March 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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