Cebuana doctor an activist during Martial Law now a solid defender of Duterte

Rowena Burden, a doctor from Cebu City, posted on Facebook recently a timeline of her involvement in politics as a citizen of the Philippines and explained why she defends President Rodrigo Duterte.
President Rodrigo Duterte and Doctor Rowena Burden / Composite photos from Interaksyon and Facebook

According to Rowena, she was still a student when Martial Law was implemented in the Philippines by former President Ferdinand Marcos. She says during that time she became an activist.

Although disapproved by her father, she knew that she was capable of making sound and intelligent decisions. She joined the rallies because she had so much hope for the country.

She hoped that with the ousting of Marcos, the oligarchs in the country will no longer have the power to disenfranchised the people.

She said that up until the year 2010, she was still hopeful. This was the time that the son of late president Corazon Aquino, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino IV, was president of the country. However, because of the happenings of Hacienda Luisita, Mamasapano incident, Yolanda, and Kidapawan, she felt that there was not much change in the country.
Groups cry justice for Kidapawan shooting / Photo from Manila Today

This then becomes the reason why Burden says she voted for President Rodrigo Duterte. She said that she wanted a change and saw the benefits that Davao City got under his administration. She also says because the president is duly-elected, means that democracy is alive and well.

Burden adds that it is only President Duterte who “has the guts to ask in behalf of or national treasury the taxes the oligarchs owe”.

Ending her post, she reiterates how the president was fairly democratically elected and that people who want to unseat him must change their ways.

Read her full post here:

"If you were either a highschool or college student during Marcos' Martial Law, you must have been either hiding under a rock or burying your head in the sand not to know that the CPP was recruiting students in schools for various purposes.

I was recruited to write propaganda and I was sorely tempted but I saw through the opportunism and exploitation so I wrote ONE piece and that was it.

My father knew of my activist leanings. I would attend rallies ALONE even when I was already in medschool. I did not join militant organizations out of respect for him. He, in turn, respected my capacity to think for myself, by NEVER disallowing me from attending any opposition rallies.

Cory Aquino held a rally in 1986 here in Fuente Osmeña at the height of the outrage at the Ninoy Aquino assasination. There I was ALONE, head to toe in yellow, skipping classes in medschool, risking being crushed against the stage because I, too, was outraged.

I had so much hope then because I felt that oligarchs will finally be toppled, that democracy will flourish, that our much-touted national debt will decrease.

I also was similarly hopeful in 2010 but then Hacienda Luisita, SAF44/Mamasapano, Yolanda, Kidapawan happened.
Arrival honors for the fallen Special Action Force (SAF) troopers after Mamasapano incident. / Photo from CNN Philippines

I NEVER fight for politicians, I fight for what they can do for this country and my fellow Filipinos. And, everytime that I fight, I see it as my civic duty, not something that should be compensated with a position in government or a business contract.

I always have this saying that I, myself, coined way back in 2009- If we do not expect the best from our leaders, we learn to accept the least from ourselves.

We are who we vote for. I voted for an uncouth probinsyano way back in 2016 because of what he did for Davao City and because of his platform.

I am not playing politics now. I am fighting for democracy- the essence of it that upholds the choice of the majority, not the democracy that means trying to unseat a DULY-ELECTED president because he is not your choice. I am also fighting for the ONLY president who chose and still choose to confront our dangerous drugs menace head-on and who has the guts to ask in behalf of our national treasury the taxes that oligarchs owe.

I, we are VEHEMENT in our defense of our president because, more than two years after he FAIRLY won, there is still a minority who want their choice to take his place.

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