Bishops calls Duterte presidency a “disgrace”

Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos / Photo from ABS-CBN

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known to attack the Catholic Church and its people every now and then. And this time is no different. However, this time, the church fights back in the form of Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos.

Duterte tells people to kill bishops

In a recent statement, Duterte released another attack saying that “tambays” or bystanders should kill or steal from “rich bishops”.

This of course drew negative feedback from the people. This, on top of Duterte saying that Catholic bishops are useless and are better off to be dead.

The President’s administration of course came to the defense of the president saying that it was only a figure of speech.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo even said that the president was only “retaliating”.

Bishop fights back

With all these things that the president has been saying, Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos says that this type of speech should not be tolerated. He says that the people should criticize the president and to call him out for his violent rhetoric.

"It is high time that those who are closed to him must correct him, advise him of good manners because his words instill hatred and creates division and torments fear," the bishop said.

The bishop is also quite angry at Duterte supporters who laugh at the President’s dangerous jokes.

"And his ‘fans’ consider his murderous words as a mere joke! Is it a joke to advise people to kill? There should be a mass movement among decent Filipinos to make him desist from speaking like a devil. Let us do something to make him stop this evil!" he said.

Panelo responded to this outrage, saying that the people still trust the president midst these statements because of the approval and trust ratings.

He adds that the Bishop is “uninformed or is ignoring survey results”.

“Like the Bishop, the President is imperfect, but unlike him PRRD looks at the innate goodness of man. The President who could have preferred retirement and enjoy its bliss opted to rise to the challenge of the times and at the commencement of his presidency has waged a war against all fronts of illegality in the country,” Panelo said.

He even called the bishop a “disgrace” for using “unsavory language” against the President.

“What is a disgrace is when a member of the clergy uses unsavory language against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who only fulfills and complies with his constitutional mandate to lead the government in serving the Filipinos and protecting them from what bedevils our society. We find it very unfortunate that Bishop Santos fails to follow the teaching of Christ that if someone throws a stone at you, throw a piece of bread at him in response.”

Both parties have been in a fight since the 2016 presidential campaign and seems to be growing worse.

Source: ABS-CBN
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