Why is the 33rd People Power Anniversary a flop?

Adolfo Mortera is clearly not a fan of the yellow party or of the liberals. He made this very clear as the country celebrated the 33rd year since the historic People Power revolution that ousted former President Ferdinand Marcos from his position.
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In a Facebook post, Mortera attempted to show how much of a failure this year's celebration was.

Hijacking the commemoration

The first thing that Mortera commented about how in the first day, while people were supposedly commemorating the historic moment in Philippine history, the Ocho Diretso candidates allegedly hijacked the celebration and instead of delivering message of peace and remembrance, they inserted their campaign agendas.

Along with this post, Mortera added the hashtag "unethical".

Exploited by the Yellows

Aside from this, Mortera also said that for a lot of years, the yellow and the Aquinos have exploited this event for themselves by highlighting the role that they played in it.

He says that the Liberal Party has been using it as a political propaganda for their benefits.

More than that, he says that the people are tired of the same narrative being repeated every year.

Ending his post, Mortera says that it was quite pitiful that there were allegedly only 300 people who attended the event compared to the number of policemen that were assigned to the event.

Read his full post here:


πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€Feb. 24 - 1st DAY. 

Instead of delivering messages for national unity, BS Aquino and the card-bearing yellow personalities plus Ocho candidates hijacked the People Power Monument for their election campaign rally. #Unethical

πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€Feb. 25 - LAST DAY.😜 

After 33 years, people have come to their senses: this annual event has been exploited by the yellow cult as self-serving political propaganda for their LP-centric narrative of history.

They have also grown tired of the same themes: Marcos dictatorship, and Death of Democracy, Press Freedom Under Threat under President Duterte which are far from reality - while deliberately skipping abuses under the Cory and Noynoy Aquino regimes.

And so: Only 200-300 devoted Dilaws came, outnumbered by 1500 police security."

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