UP alumna wants Mar Roxas as senator again

Kevin Mandrilla, a Filipino journalist and a senior analyst recently shared that he has had a change of heart in regard to his view towards former presidential candidate Mar Roxas, and has decided to vote for Roxas for the upcoming senatorial elections in 2019.
Kevin Mandrilla and Mar Roxas / Composite photos from Facebook

Mandrilla said that if he was asked about it two years ago, he knew that he would not vote for Roxas then. He felt that during that time, Roxas was simply a “graying man in a lonely political cul-de-sac”.

Things, however, are different now, he says. Mandrilla says that the past two years have not just changed Roxas, but the political landscape of the Philippines as well.

He says that fascism has taken over the country and more and more people end up dead. And the country has been overpowered with “salvages” happening left and right.

He says that truly, the Liberal Party was an easy target for most. And that this once ruling party has been continually attacked and insulted. However, he says that this should not be a reason not to vote for Roxas.

Mandrilla says that the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has caused enough problems in the country that it, of course, needs to be fixed and immediately addressed. He says that the matter is urgent and that Roxas has once proven before his dedication to the country, he can do it again.

More than that, Mandrilla says that the break that Roxas took from politics certainly helped him. He says that he felt that his announcement was “fresh, sincere, and relatable”. He adds that a vote for Roxas means an “expression of disappointment to the leftist groups who clobbered the Liberal Party so intensely only to end up enabling a fascist”.

Read his full post here:

“If you had asked me two years ago if I would consider supporting Mar for another elective position, I would have given a cold and solid no. The good things about him and the past administration dissolved behind the walls and all that was left was this graying man in a lonely political cul-de-sac. What else could have been shaken off from this guy if not more blunders to laugh at? Irredeemable he had seemed, and so getting rid of him felt purgative.

Then things took a sharp turn. I can only speak for myself but the past two years had been deeply unnerving. Nothing could have prepared any of us for the carnage that this instant detour to fascism has created. It didn't take long, did it? For corpses to line up and liquefy in our streets, in the many dark corners where "salvages" start and end without a whimper.

Many leftist groups have become masters at political agitation and polemics. The Liberal Party was an easy target throughout the six years of Pnoy. In an ideal world, the gains that the left has made in chipping off the credibility of this so-called elitist party would've resulted to progressive advances. 

Unfortunately, this was not the case as the benefit was ultimately claimed by Duterte and his legion of supporters who shared the twisted goal of electing a murderous populist in office. No better saying comes to mind than "ginisa sa sariling mantika." They weren't alone in criticizing the previous admin, surely, but they were a loud and important voice.

The two previous paragraphs are key to explaining why I will be supporting Mar's senatorial campaign.

Firstly, the weight and urgency of the problems directly or indirectly caused by the Duterte administration have become so immense that a measure of political pragmatism must be considered—in other words, we need all the seats that we can get lest they get taken by more sycophants and opportunists. Mar Roxas is still without doubt a national figure and thus his chances of winning are still far greater than that of the new opposition candidates being fielded (who of course also deserve our support).

Secondly, a vote for Mar is, in a way, an expression of disappointment to the leftist groups who clobbered the Liberal Party so intensely only to end up enabling a fascist (for a time). The protests are cool and I for one would like to see more of it —but what have they done to stop the killings or the mess that is TRAIN? Their leadership has been questionable to say the least. Mar is not a silver bullet but he's still a bullet. I believe given his experience that he could do good things once again as a senator in concert with other oppositionists. A less mature but more satisfying addition to the two reasons is pissing off the die-hard fanatics who would be most riled up by Mar's political comeback.

I'd like to end this by saying that I love Mar's announcement. It's fresh, sincere and relatable. The long vacation helped, I guess. Okay ito na, I'm very glad to say that Mar Roxas is first on my list of senatoriables for the 2019 elections."

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