The reasons Jim Paredes cannot feel the effects of Duterte gov’t

Veteran singer Jim Paredes’ onslaught of criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte has prompted some netizens to explain to him why he cannot feel the effects of the current administration.
Jim Paredes and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit to the owner

Paredes elicited big media hype and reactionary posts especially since he claimed that the current administration’s efforts are “barya lang”.

As a heated retort, netizen and essayist Eric Clark Su reposted a status written by Vicky Abad which explained satirically why they do not feel the effects of Duterte’s campaigns and policies.
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In a sarcastic tone, Abad enumerated the possible reasons why Paredes cannot see the changes that Duterte brought to the Philippines, attributing it to factors that maybe Paredes cannot feel the effects because he is not a senior citizen, farmer/fisherman, OFW, someone involved in illegal drugs, local of Visayas or Mindanao, local of Davao, Naga, or Surigao, someone who needs financial aid, is involved in mining operations, a social media personality, someone who needs to have a driver’s license, passport, or LTO registration, someone who lives in high criminal incidences, marginalized sector, teacher, nurse, contractual worker, soldier, or policeman.

The kinds of people enumerated by Abad are those who benefited greatly in the President’s first seven months in office, a feat the previous Aquino administration fell short.

Abad added that affluent ones like herself and Paredes cannot feel the effects yet of the Duterte regime because they are not the priority of the government. It catered first to the issues of poverty, illegal drugs, marginalized sectors, and government service improvement. 

In her post, she contrasted the Duterte and Aquino administration by saying that “wagas kayo makamadali kay Duterte pero si Noynoying, pinanuod nyo lang. I ENDURED HIS 6 years na kahit BARYA - wala akong napala!

Read the full post below:

"Jim Paredes says the craziest things indeed.

His BARYA statement against the Duterte government got me thinking... Oo nga, after 7 months - ano nga ba epekto ni Duterte sa buhay ko?

Para ngang wala. Maybe because:

- I am not a senior citizen (they got 1k more pension), 

- I am not a farmer or fisherman (they have Manny Pinol and are now slowly reaping the benefits of reforms at the DAR)

- I am not an OFW (so the newly improved airports and shuttle services, the One Stop shops of services, the support to Saudi OFWs, less fees to be paid, etc.)

- I am not a drug manufacturer, distributor, lord, pusher nor an addict or a family member of one (so the war on drugs was not a 'to-my-face effort of the government, barya nga. I was unaffected by this.)

- I am not a person from Visayas and Mindanao (who am sure are probably already feeling the impact of government funds now being made available to those areas.)

- I am not a person who lives in Davao, Naga or Surigao when calamity struck - so no government help came to me nor was needed.

- I am not someone who needs financial help to buy my maintenance medicines (unlike those who can now reach to to DSWD for help - thank God for the provisions of a good source of income for this.) 

- I am not affected by Mining Operations and their ills (so walang effect sa akin ang galing at malasakit ni Ms Gina Lopez)

- I am not a Social Media person - so was not recently recognized for my voluntary efforts and invited to the Malacanang.

- I am not someone who recently needs a Driver's License, a Passport, LTO registrations so again unaffected by the government's efforts in the area plus I have a car club who helps me with those. 

- I am not someone who lives in residential places riddled with criminality amplified by drug addiction, vagrancy and petty criminals. 

- I am not a marginalized citizen, so corruption in government is, at best, a nuisance to me but nothing that a few hundred pesos cannot overturn. 

- I am not a Teacher, Nurse, contractual worker, Soldier or policeman that have long been suffering poor pay for valuable services to the country. 

- I am not LIKELY to pass regularly through recent roadworks that have been completed in a rush for the commuters' convenience.

I am, however, a TAX PAYER and maybe Jim Paredes' clamor that all of Pres Duterte's government's efforts are all BARYA LANG, is in part, true.

BUT, I will take BARYA everyday - even if it least impacts my life today, yet probably means a whole lot more to people who did benefit from all of this government's effort in the past 7 months pa lang!

TEKA, ano ba napala ko kay Pnot Aquino?

OH YES, salamat sa MCX ha - gets me to Evia Lifestyle center and my cousins's homes so much more easily than ever. Though, in hindsight, am thinking baka ipinatayo yun para kay Leila at sa mga Drug Operators ng New Bilibid prison (still looking where their hidden tunnels exit out to MCX :))

So JIM PAREDES, barya ang ramdam mo kasi hindi ikaw at mga kagaya nating better off ang iniuuna ng gobyerno! This government is in fact waging war against poverty (ultimately) but the war on drugs have to be fought first.

Isa isa lang - wagas kayo makamadali kay Duterte pero si Noynoying, pinanuod nyo lang. I ENDURED HIS 6 years na kahit BARYA - wala akong napala! NOW ENDURE THIS PRESIDENT!

And baka nakalimutan mo, kasi napahaba ang tulog mo dahil balita ko maaga kayong nagsiuwi from Edsa, --




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