Single mom to Robredo: Resign and join the priests rally

Jenifer Aquino, a staunch supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently went on a tirade attacking the Vice President Leonor “Leni” Robredo.
Vice President Leni Robredo / Photo from ABS-CBN

In a post she made in her Facebook account, she shot a barrage of questions towards the vice president. This time, in relation to a statement that the vice president made, saying that the president should spare the Catholic Church from his attacks.

Hindi ko alam bakit kailangan siraan ‘yung simbahan. Wala namang institusyon na perpekto pero hindi rin tama na sisiraan mo kung may galit ka sa pari o kanino man, hiwalay ‘yun,” she said.

Kasi iyong simbahan tayo ‘yun eh, kabuuan iyon. Ang simbahan kasama ‘yung mga nananampalataya,” Robredo added. 

There is a bigger picture

According to Jenifer Aquino, there is a bigger picture that she feels like the vice president is not being able to see.

She even says that the Church attacks the president, hinting that it then becomes legitimate for the president to do the same to them.

Separation of Church and state

Aquino also insinuates that when the church attacks the president, they are in violation of the separation of church and state.

She asks if Vice President Robredo is aware of this, then insinuates that maybe she is but chooses to ignore it for “votes”.

VP resign

Continuing on, Aquino calls on the vice president to resign from her post because she feels like she is useless and has not been doing enough things for the country.

Ending her post, Aquino says that while the priests and the catholic church is free to rant because of their freedom of speech, the president is allowed to do the same.

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Fr Jenifer Aquino:

Dear Leni, have you ever stopped to look at the bigger picture? Has the Church spared this govt from their incessant rantings? No. There is a separation of Church and State, you of all people should know that since you're supposedly a lawyer, aren't you? And since there's a separation of Church and State, did it ever cross your mind that the Church is violating that? Or you simply ignore it hoping the dead LP will get the equally dead CBCP vote? That's what you're doing right? Sucking up for votes? Well here's what, maybe you should resign since you're obviously of no use to this country and work for the Church instead, probably consult with them on their mining investments and how to legally make those investments invisible. Okay? There's also such a thing called Freedom of Speech. If those "priests" you defend enjoy their freedom to rant against the duly elected President of this country, he is also free to do the same. So who died and gave you the right to tell the duly elected and legally elected President what to do with his freedom to speak up? You're not even a duly elected official of the country, just elected by machines."

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