Sen. Escudero slams NYC chair's statement vs. student protesters

The head of the National Youth Commission (NYC) move to revoke the scholarships of students who join anti-government rallies and protest actions shows his ignorance of the Constitution, Senator Chiz Escudero said Wednesday.
Sen. Chiz Escudero and Ronald Cardema / Composite photos from Rappler and CNN Philippines

"The sycophantic and obsequious suggestion of the NYC head shows his ignorance of the Constitution and, far from helping, is surely doing a disservice to PRRD (President Rodrigo Roa Duterte) and the government," he said.

"Kung may sisipain (sa pwesto) dapat siya at di ang mga estudyante," Escudero said.

Escudero reminded NYC Chairman Ronald Cardema that freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble, as well as to petition the government for redress of grievances, are guaranteed under the Constitution.

"The Government is the government of those who agree with it and disagree with it... and the President is the President of of those who voted for him and did not vote for him," Escudero said.

"Both the President and the government should serve every Filipino without distinction and regardless of political beliefs," he added.

In a report on Unang Balita report by Marisol Abdurahman, Cardema asked President Rodrigo Duterte to have the scholarships of student protesters revoked.

"Nananawagan po ako kay Pangulong Duterte bilang head of our government to remove the government scholarships of all rebellious, anti-government scholars," he said.

"Nilalabanan niyo ang ating mga pulis, ang ating mga sundalo and nilalabanan niyo at gusto niyong ipabagsak ang ating gobyerno at kayo ay government scholars," he added.

Sen. Escudero slams NYC chair's statement vs. student protesters Sen. Escudero slams NYC chair's statement vs. student protesters   Reviewed by Nathan Singson on February 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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