Renato Reyes on NYC Chairman Cardema's controversial statement: Sumisipsip lang talaga

National Youth Commission (NYC) chairman Ronald Cardema recently hit the news when he asked Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to revoke the scholarships of students who have decided to join anti-government rallies and protest actions.
Renato Reyes Jr and NYC Chair Ronald Cardema / Composite photos from ABS-CBN and Google

"Nananawagan po ako kay Pangulong Duterte bilang head of our government to remove the government scholarships of all rebellious, anti-government scholars," he said.

Cardema says that he wants these scholarships removed on the ground that protesters allegedly go against the police and soldiers and that they want to protest against the government even though they are scholars of it.

Because of this statement, Cardema has received backlash from many groups who feel that his reason is illegitimate and does not make any sense.

Scholar of the people, not the government

Many groups have called out Cardema to resign from his post. They have said that these students are not scholars of the President, but rather they are scholars of the Filipino people.

More than that, they say that there is nothing wrong for fighting for what you believe is right and that this does not warrant the revocation of your right to an education.

Reyes confused with Cardema’s statement

Bayan Muna Secretary General Renato Reyes Jr. has also joined in the conversation and said that he is confused with what Cardema is saying.

Because Cardema was not just talking about activists, but also those students who decided to join the NPA.

Reyes says that he is very confused because these students who have allegedly joined the NPA do not need scholarships to begin with.

The mere fact that they have gone to the mountains to join the movement means that they no longer have access to education therefore do not need scholarships any more.

More than that, Reyes feels like Cardena is only doing this in order to get into the good graces of the President.

Read his full post on Facebook here:

"Naguguluhan ako dito sa NYC. Kung yung tao ay tuluyan nang namundok, mukha bang interesado pa sya sa scholarship? Bakit mo pa kailangang bawiin yung scholarship eh tinalikuran na nga niya yung pag-aaral. Bakit kailangan maglabas pa ng EO? Jusme, ang labo, di ba? Parang sumisipsip lang talaga si Cardema. OR, gaya ng tingin ng marami, yung dissenters talaga ang target ng kanyang statements. Nasupalpal lang kaya nagpapalusot ngayon."

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