Netizen: Stop questioning Duterte, he has done more than past presidents in 2 years

Facebook netizen Jenifer Aquino posted a lengthy rant against anti-Duterte people who still attack the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
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Aquino said that she has had enough with all the attacks because she knows that Duterte is the best President for the country. She even says that Manuel “Mar” Roxas, the Liberal Party candidate during the May 2016 elections, is sure to be worse if he had won.

She adds that the President deserves the credit for the achievements he had even if it was started by past presidents because if he had not been there, it would not have been made into a reality.

She says that those ranting against Duterte should just leave the country if they cannot take the president of the 16 million people who voted for him.

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"What is it with anti-Duterte dweebs? After everything he's done for this country under 2 years, all they see are the false claims of anti-duterte turds who prefer a return of the dark ages. Would Mar Roxas been any better? I don't think so. I know it won't be any better. So what's the next best thing to do? Blame the 16 Million voters who got this person elected. Worst? Worst. Funny how this person claims he's the worst of all the candidates. I was in a mood earlier this morning to tear down that 16M Rant but then I thought - that's exactly what they want because like the the last dying breath of a dying snake, it still tries to bite because it is the nature of a snake. 

Duterte has done more than any of the past Presidents have done and made sure those changes happened. To say Duterte can't claim success since he never planted the seeds is plain STUPID. Aquino or GMA may have planted those seeds but was there any follow through? None. Instead Aquino allowed corruption and was even a part of it. 

You rant about DDS being too stupid to understand higher language outside cussing, cursing and vile language. Really? Who died and made you the genius of the country? You claim to love this country, excuse me, that is not exclusive only to the likes of you. 16 Million people voted for Duterte because they love this country and wanted the oligarchs and the elitist to stop choking us all to death. Yes, that's what your ilk did and wants to do again. 

What are you ranting about? If you can't take him or can't take 16M voters - feel free to leave this country. You may have every right to rant your brains out, we have every right to rant right back. Kung pangit ka, mas pangit si Duterte? Well, guess what, Duterte might not look like your typical meztiso you fuckers masturbate over but he's not crazy, he's not insane and most of all, he's not the one who was diagnosed as psychologically deficient at age 20. People like you equate outside features to judge the character of a person. Funny. Funny and stupid.

So I won't rant further and justify your need for attention, I don't need it. Happy your pathetic post was shared 2 or 3 thousand times? I have 75,000 shares to an article that didn't bash people but dealt with facts. Yes, mayabang ako eh. Dahil ang tanga mo. And I can't deal with stupid idiots. I don't deal with stupid idiots.

Have a nice life, enjoy the attention while it's there.


By the way - Your candidate Robredo CHEATED. Palugaw uli kayo sa covered court. Bongbong Marcos is the real VP of this country. Deal with it."

Netizen: Stop questioning Duterte, he has done more than past presidents in 2 years Netizen: Stop questioning Duterte, he has done more than past presidents in 2 years Reviewed by Nathan Singson on February 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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