Netizen says: Duterte is a trapo

Some netizens have had it with President Rodrigo Duterte’s style of politics. And one netizen has taken it upon himself to explain how and why this is the case that he is a traditional politician or trapo.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Aljazeera

Why is Duterte against the church

The first thing that netizen Diego Salvador discussed is about how why the president seems so much against the Catholic Church.

According to Salvador, he feels like Duterte is only attacking the Catholic Church, not because of its theologies or beliefs, but because the Church is very vocal against the president’s war against drugs and the extra judicial killings that have come out of it.

He says that because the church criticizes the president’s methods all the time, the President has taken it upon himself to bring in harm to the Church.

Duterte doing favors

More than that, Salvador points out that Duterte has his favorites.

He says that the president does not like being questioned. Therefore, he rewards people like Bong who continues to support the president without question.

While people like De Lima, Sereno, and Trillanes are being persecuted and attacked.

Salvador adds that even plunderers and those who are found guilty of corruption like Marcos, Estrada and Arroyo are awarded by the president simply because they support him fully.

Ending his post, Salvador says that people must see the president’s blatant abuse of power.

Read his full post here:

By Diego Salvador

Duterte is attacking the Catholic church because their leadership spoke against EJK. Plain and simple. It's not about their doctrine or theology. It's not even because of the abuses of the erring priests. It's all because D30 does not like to be corrected or criticized by anybody. Period.

I'm not a Catholic, but I can see the root cause of D30's anger towards institutions or individuals (Delima, Sereno, Trillanes, etc.) who cross him the wrong way. You can be a weirdo like Quiboloy or cultist like Manalo, he will leave you alone if you leave him alone. Quid pro quo. You scratch my back, I scratch your back. He will even appoint you the 'Ambassador of the Universe", if he can. That is how D30 plays the political game.

If you suck up to him like Bong Go, your face get plastered all over the country. If you are his close friend, he will embellish your life and make an overnight movie of you right before the election and even attend the premier. If you are his ally, you can be a drug lord and go scot-free. If you back him up like the Marcos, Estrada, and Arroyo, you can be a plunderer, for all he cares, and he will give you everything you want: speaker-ship, senator, mayor, you name it.

Duterte is a traditional politician (trapo). He knows how to pull the levers of power and make deals, i.e. China. These are done in the open, so blatant, so bold, and so obvious it's past fishy. Yet D30 fanatics do not see the blatant abuse of power, inappropriate arrangements, and corruption in broad daylight. God help the Philippines!"

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