Netizen hits Kabataan Rep Sarah Elago: Wala kang silbi

Kabataan Partylist representative Sarah Elago has hit the news once more after taking on National Youth Commission Chairmain Ronald Cardema.
Sarah Elago / Photo from the news lens international

Cardema has also hit national news after releasing a statement saying that those students who rally against the government must be stripped off of their scholarships.

This, of course, did not sit well with many students. Saying that protesting is a democratic rights and that students should not be stripped of their scholarships.

However, there are some people who differ and chose to show their support for Cardema.

She doesn’t know everything

Ram MG Labra had some words to say to Representative Sarah Elago and he chose to let his thoughts be heard via a Facebook post he addressed to Elago.

Labra laid down points of disagreement against Elago.

The first one he mentioned is about how he feels like Elago is full of herself. Labra tells Elago how just because she is in congress does not mean that she knows everything about the Constitution and about history.

More than that, Labra accuses Elago of insisting her “communist views”. He says that this type of behavior has no place in congress, as he says the congress is a place for those who “love democracy”.

Labra also accuses Elago of “failing as a representative”. He explains how if Elago was successful, she should not have resorted to public protest.

Ending his post, Labra calls on Elago to resign from Congress.

Read his full post here:

Baluktot na Kabataan Partylist

Kung maka "You know nothing about the Constitution nor anything about History" ka kay Ronald Cardema pakiramdam mo ikaw lang may katalinuhang taglay. PWEDE ka ba mahiya kahit isang segundo lang sa boung Pilipinas?

1. Porke nasa congress ka, you know everything about the Constitution/Law? You know, the congress is the arena of those lover of DEMOCRACY. But you are not! Because if you are, you need not to go marching outside for protest if you believe that congress is your platform to insist what you want. What's the use of being there as representative if you cannot fight and assert your right, views in a form of Bill? In short, YOU CANNOT INSIST YOUR COMMUNIST VIEWS in the Congress because you knew that DEMOCRACY cannot accept it.

2. What? "History shows that RALLIES have won many peoples right we experience today"??? Enumerate mo daw anung mga rights yon na nakuha ng madlang pipol through your rallies? Hoy! 

Kaya nga may mga representatives na mga congressmen and women as the voices of the people in their areas plus the senate. Nahubog at naging malinaw ang mga karapatan ng bawat Filipino dahil sa ginagawa nila ito sa kongreso at HINDI SA PG NGALNGAL NYO DYAN SA MGA LANSANGAN. 

THE RIGHTS OF THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES are all written in the Constitution and done through promulgation, enacted and executed by the government. IT IS NOT YOUR RALLIES and not even through the rallies you proudly manifested in the past kupong-kupong centuries.

3. You know everything about the History? Oh wow! Bakit di ka na lang nag author ng Philippine History at kikita ka pa sa libro mo! Ikaw ang bugok bakit? Kahit anung kurso sa kolehiyo mayrong Phil. Constitution at Philippine History subjects uy! Mayron ngang Life and Works of Rizal. Kahit nga hayskul meron. Such a statement of a dull minded thick-faced conceited person like you!

Umalis ka nga dyan sa kongresyo dahil WALA KANG SILBI."

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