Locsin hits Erik Matti who bashed the gov’t

In a recent tweet, Filipino filmmaker Erik Matti said that the Philippine government has lost its decency already considering the many things that have been happening to the country. Included in which is their attack towards the media, the questionable justice system and plans to amend the constitution, to which Teddy Locsin Jr. responded against saying, “there is no substitute for urban education.”
Teddy boy Locsin Jr and Erik Matti / Photo credit to the owner

Matti’s tweet was:

“This government has lost any kind of finesse subtlety and decency. Attack on the media, the justice system and the constitution without any guise of defensible reason but just plainly because they want to and that they can do it. I’m ashamed of what this country has become.”

Locsin was quick to reply to the tweet saying hinting that those who oppose the government will still lose in the process and went to the extent of saying that getting an urban education is important.

"See how that idiot move has backfired. You’re just one example. There is no substitute for an urban education," Locsin said.

Matti then replied that he did not want to get into a debate with Locsin because he (Matti) is sure that Locsin will find a way to get the conversation to lean towards his side. Matti adds that those who are aware surely see the happenings in the country.

"I don’t want to get in a debate with you. I’m sure you’ll be more articulate in steering the argument towards where you stand. I just think anyone who doesn’t have their blinders on and has not lost their mind can easily see what’s wrong with what’s happening," Matti replied.

After which, Locsin replied,

"Aw c’mon. I don’t steer, I clear. Don’t call everythig inconvenient for somebody a violation of the Constitution or an anti-deocratic and tyrannical act. One day we will all get antiConstitutional fatigue and let it go when it really happens."
Screencap from Twitter

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