It was not Duterte who turned Facebook into a weapon - Chu

Facebook netizen Krizette Laureta Chu, took to the popular social media site recently to correct a statement released by Bloomberg.
President Rodrigo Duterte and Krizette Laureta Chu / Photo credit to the owner

The statement said: “Duterte turned Facebook into a weapon.”

Chu said how this is not true because Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte does not even have his own Facebook account.

She added that there is no way that Facebok could be Duterte’s weapon because even Duterte supporters in Facebook are also fighting amongst each other.

She also went on to list other reasons, like the President’s Communications officer being incompetent, and the President not having a command center for Facebook trolls.

Ending her post, Chu calls on Bloomberg to fact check their statement and release the truth.

Read her full post here:

"Duterte turned Facebook into a weapon." Says Bloomberg, upon interviewing Ressa.

Duterte, who doesn't have a personal Facebook account. Unlike the VP, who habitually blocks dissenters.

Duterte, whose own followers are infighting and even more vicious to each other than they are to the opposition.

Duterte, whose Secretary of Communications, is not very communicative nor effective and is not even followed by a large number of people.

Duterte, who has no command center for Facebook trolls. How easy would it be for LP to outbid a poor Facebook "troll" and get him to admit he works for Duterte or Andanar, the Secretary of Communications? No witnesses, because everything is a figment of Ressa's imagination.

Duterte, who controls Facebook so much his own supporters get blocked, reported, and kicked out of Facebook.

Bloomberg, MSNBC, fact check, anyone?

Meanwhile, your resource person is one of the most discredited, most unbelievable, most biased sources of news in the Philippines.

Mark Zuckerberg, FB has helped those who otherwise have no access to a platform spread the truth, fundraise for calamities and tragedies, helped find missing people, unite families, inspire and motivate those who need it.

Maria Ressa, not so much.


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