Horrors of MRT management traced back to Mar Roxas

The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) is not a sight to behold or a public transportation service that Metro Manila should be proud of.
The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) / Photo from BusinessWorld

Thousands of daily commuters have been complaining about the inefficiency of the system almost everyday.

The MRT private owners have begun to speak up about this and many of their fingers have been pointing to then transportation secretary Mar Roxas.

Blame it on Mar

MRT Holdings Chairman Robert John Sobrepeña had to answer back amidst allegations that the statements released by MRT private owners were all politics.

He then released a statement saying that the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) was the one to blame, and Roxas who was secretary during that time.

Sobrepeña said that the department did some “inexcusable inaction” and “questionable actions”. This, he says is what resulted to the terrible situation of the MRT.

He adds that it can be traced back to when Roxas was not able to assign bidding.

The first mistake of the DOTC that caused the damage to the MRT occurred when then Secretary Mar Roxas did not initiate bidding procedures in January 2012, the last time they renewed the Sumitomo contract,” he said.

The Sumitomo contract was coming to an end and it was the responsibility of Roxas to initiate bidding for the next one.

This delay has caused a lot of problems, Sobrepeña said.

A bidding process should commence in anticipation of the expiration of the current contract. Roxas should have already commenced the bidding process immediately and coordinated with the MRT Corp. for approval when they extended the contract of Sumitomo not just once but twice when he was in office. Instead, they created what they called an “emergency”, which was really not an emergency but a situation created by their inaction,” he said.

Trusting a new corporation

Another thing that Sobrepeña had an issue of is how the DOTC went into an agreement with PH Trams Inc.

Roxas and his department accepted the proposal of PH Trams Inc. They incorporated the same day that sent the proposal as well.

This was a problem, Sobrepeña said. Because it was unusually for any agency to trust a newly established company whose capital was only P600,000.

Sobrepeña said that the correct thing to do during that time was to reject PH Trams Inc. as they have not proven their worth yet because they were new.

Source: Inquirer
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