Historian post about anti-Duterte hypocrisy goes viral

Karlo Antonio Galay David, a Historian at Kidapawan City and Ateneo de Davao University graduate, had a lot to say about people who are against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and the hypocrisy that they apparently show towards the issues and happenings in the country.
Karlo Antonio Galay David / Composite photos from Facebook and the WAU

Although David did not name them specifically, it was quite clear whom he meant as he went on his post.

David talked about people who are very vocal about the killings of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Mindanao as well as the tribal leaders they have displaced and killed in the process, but he claims that these same people did not react as much when the New People’s Army admitted to killing tribal leaders as well.

He also mentioned these same people as defending the poor and unemployed but mock Duterte supporters who are in the same situation as well.

Not only that, but he mentions the innocent people who are killed via extra judicial killings and how people who are anti-Duterte always call these out, but David claims that these same people also do not speak up when “senators routinely subject people through trial by publicity”.

They were noisy about the 'poor victims of EJKs' like that St Kian kid, but remain deafeningly silent on the innocent children who died because of Dengvaxia,” he said.

David listed out other things that he feels are quite hypocritical of these people. He even said, ending his post, that the hypocrisy is very clearly evident and that the list is getting longer.

Read his full post here:

"They were noisy when the military occupied tribal villages in Mindanao, but were quiet when the NPA openly admitted to killing tribal leaders.

They're noisy about the supposed atrocities under the current Martial Law in Mindanao, but were quiet when civilians were slaughtered in Mamasapano under Noynoy.

They were noisy when Mocha Uson mistakenly said Mayon was in Naga, but were quiet when Global Ferronickel lost stocks because Rappler reported them being closed by DENR.
Photo from Philstar

They were noisy when Digong bought clothes from Uniqlo in HK, but are quiet when Lugaw goes to Chicago for an expensive dinner (not to mention the fact that Kitty goes to Stella Maris in Davao while Aika goes to Harvard, and they got a ringside seat in an NBA match the puta de lujo).

They were noisy about Duterte's 'lack of qualification' because he was a 'hillbilly' and 'only a mayor from farflung Mindanao,' but they're silent about Lugaw being not much more than a former housewife.

They were noisy about how Marcos' burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani was politically motivated, but are quiet about how the Liberals spent millions on that Jesse Robredo museum, in honour of a man whose greatest accomplishment is to die in a planecrash.

They are noisy about Duterte supposedly silencing dissent, but they're the first ones to draw up blacklists, call for boycotts, refuse sharing platforms, and call on the termination of Duterte supporters from their jobs.

They're noisy about supposedly fighting for free speech, but they're the first to threaten to file defamation cases when someone brings up their sex liives or calls them ugly.

They're also noisy about supposedly defending the poor and unemployed, but are the first to call for people to be fired and are first to mock a 'shameless ka-DDS' like me for supposedly being 'jobless' in their newspaper columns.

They're noisy about EJKs and the need for due process under the law, but they're the ones quick to accuse Duterte of orchestrating systematic summary killings, and they're quiet about how Senators routinely subject people through trial by publicity (poor Angelo Reyes).

They were noisy about the 'poor victims of EJKs' like that St Kian kid, but remain deafeningly silent on the innocent children who died because of Dengvaxia.

They're noisy about how Duterte's war on drugs and foul mouth is isolating us from the international community, but they want us to be ashamed for getting another term in the UN Human Rights Council.

They were noisy when Duterte made rape jokes (or even when people make innocuous vagina metaphors) but are quiet when their fellow anti-people are being accused of sexual predation.

Darlings, the Hypocrisy List is getting longer na gud."

The post has now garnered 6.7k reactions and 4.8k shares.

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